Every Wednesday, I feature a writer and his/her workspace.  My aim is to get to know fellow writers better through their workspace and writing habits, and have them share some of their writing wisdom here.

Today, I am most eager to welcome Tyrean Martinson, author of Champion in the Darkness (The Champion Trilogy)


You can also find her blogging at Tyrean’s Writing Spot.

Welcome, Tyrean!


Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do for a living? What genre do you love to write? What are some of your hobbies or interests? Do you have a hidden talent?

Tyr_010F5x7 (3) modified

Author Tyrean Martinson


I’m a teacher, and a writer, but by the world’s standards and most tax forms, I’m a stay at home mom, a crazy homeschooling parent, a dance mom, and a volunteer. My daughters home-school, which means I am their teacher, or at least their coach. They are both older now and they don’t do all their lessons from my lap any more. I find curriculum, talk to them about their goals, and set up an environment where they can learn. I answer questions, discuss big concepts, and sometimes I teach them a little something extra that’s not covered in the curriculum we use.

I’m also a literature and writing teacher at a home-school co-operative where we attend classes once a week. I’m teaching three classes this year, which means I lecture, lead discussions, give writing feedback, grade papers, and assign homework for the week. I love teaching, reading, and writing, so teaching lit and writing classes is really fun.

My main hobbies are bicycling, skiing, reading, writing, volunteering with the youth at my church and singing once in a while with the praise team. Sometimes I think about joining a fencing club, or getting back into tap dancing classes, but at the moment I just fiddle with those hobbies at home. My only hidden talent is . . . hanging a spoon from my nose . . . er, I mean, goofiness. Most people seem to think that I’m serious, until they get to know me a little better, and then the goofy part of me comes out.

  Goofy Family modifiedTyrean’s “Goofy” family


On Workspace

1.  Where do you do most of your writing?

Usually I write at my laptop on our dining room table, although I also write in dance studio lobbies with my laptop on my lap. I have a desk, but it’s in a cubby in my room, and I rarely ever write there.

Writing Spot Dance Studio 2 modified

Tyrean’s Dance Studio

2.  Where did you get your desk?  How did you go about arranging your work area?

When I’m at a dance studio, I just have my laptop on my lap, a cup of tea or a bottle of water by my side, and sometimes a notebook filled with ideas by my feet.

At the dining room table, which doubles as our home-schooling space, I have a notebook, scattered papers, sticky notes, and pens piled next to my laptop and behind it.

Writing Spot modified

Tyrean’s Workspace

I have a book shelf with writing books in a near hallway, but I sometimes get too distracted reading them, so I’ve learned to keep them shelved unless I’m completely in need of a writing prompt to keep going.

Writing Spot Dance Studio modified

Another view of the dance studio

3.  What are some important things on your desk?  Are there specific things you need to have around you as you work?

I have to have a notebook and pen next to my laptop, and a cup of tea. Oh, and I need a source of natural light, or a window into a dance room. For some reason, I have to have that sensation of being able to look beyond the room I’m in while writing. Those are the essentials. Sometimes I feel a need to scatter papers (usually loglines, character profiles or rough drafts) next to me, to feel like I have an starting point, or at least proof that I know where I’m going.


4.  What do you love most about your workspace? Do you have any favorite objects on your desk, or things you use often?

Mainly I crave a source of natural light, and a sense of space and horizon – either a window to the outdoors, or a window into a dance studio lobby, for some reason having a window gives me a sense of wonder that spurs my imagination.


5. What’s your writing beverage?  What do you love to drink while you’re writing?

Vanilla Chai tea with coconut milk and honey, although Throwback Pepsi and Cherry Coke Zero work too.

 Tyrean modified


On Writing

1. Who is your favorite author?  Who inspired you to write?

This is tough. I don’t remember who inspired me to write at first. I’ve loved C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia for a long, long time,and his writing definitely inspires me.


2. What’s your typical day as a writer like?  Do you have any writing related rituals or quirks?

I used to write every morning before my kids woke up, but lately I’ve been biking with my husband in the mornings and filling a need for healthy exercise so my writing time has switched to afternoons and evenings and at best has been sporadic.


3.  Do you write everyday?  How many hours a day do you spend writing?  What are some of your worst writing distractions?

I spend between ten minutes and 90 minutes a day on my writing. It depends on the day. I try to always fit in ten minutes. My biggest distraction is books. I love to read, and sometimes when my writing seems terrible, I would rather pick up a book that might cheer me up. I call it research, but sometimes it gets in the way of writing.

Writing Distractions modified

Tyrean’s Writing Distractions

4. Why do you write?

I write because there are too many stories in my head, and books that haven’t been written because they are still stuck in my imagination. I’ve walked into book shops with money to spend and walked out with the money still in my pocket and a burning desire to write the story that I couldn’t find on the shelves, the one that’s living in my imagination at that moment. I also write because I love the concept of storytelling, in any form.

book on the bookshelf

Tyrean’s book “Champion” in  bookstore shelf

5. Any writing tips or techniques or words of wisdom you want to share with us?  How about a favorite writing quote?

Just write. (Taken from Nike’s Just do it.)

Just Keep Writing. (a twist on Dory’s advice in Finding Nemo)


“If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” – Toni Morrison (When I read this the first time, I thought, wow, someone else feels that way too!”






Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your writing life, Tyrean!

Wednesday Writer’s Workspace is an ongoing series, and if you’re interested in being featured here, simply leave me a message in the comment box, and I’ll be sure to email you.

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27 Responses to “Wednesday Writer’s Workspace Welcomes Tyrean Martinson”

  1. That’s how I felt as well, Tyrean!
    Good thing you can write in dance studios. I would be too distracted.
    A new writing pattern will sink in soon. That exercise is important.
    Great interview, ladies!

    • Tyrean says:

      I seem to work best with a few distractions dancing around. :)
      And I’m getting closer to finding my writing stride again . . .
      Thanks for stopping by, Alex!

  2. Sheri Larsen says:

    Sweet Heaven. You homeschool??? You are one of my hero moms! I have four kiddos – one of them already in college. I considered homeschooling when they were younger, but was really concerned with motivating them to complete their work. In other words – listen to MOM! lol

    • Tyrean says:

      Thanks, Sheri! However, I think all moms and dads are heroes! Raising kids is tough, and definitely requires some “leaps tall building in a single bound while grocery shopping moments.”

  3. Loved learning more about Tyrean. I also often write at my dining room table.

    • Tyrean says:

      Thank you for stopping by, Natalie! The dining room table is one of the best places. I still feel connected to the pulse of our family heartbeat, and yet, I can still find bits of concentration time.

  4. Shelly says:

    I have to have a notebook beside my computer while I write, too.

    • Tyrean says:

      It helps, doesn’t it? Those stray ideas, and exciting possibilities just see to work out in a notebook sometimes better than on-screen. Plus, I like to make lists. :)

  5. ML Swift says:

    Hey Tyrean and Nutschell,

    Ugh. I just came here and left a comment through Bloglovin; (I just added you, Nutschell, I forgot!), but dang if it didn’t post (it “timed out.”). Coming to you through the regular net, this time.

    I like goofy, and I loved the allusion to Dora. Just keep swimming!

    And now you’re on my reader, Nutschell. Sorry it’s been so long…forgot to add you. I hope this comment posts! :)

  6. Tyrean says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Michael!!! Just keep swimming!

  7. It was fun to hear about your movable “workspace,” and how you find writing time in the midst of other responsibilities, Tyrean. It’s a challenge for all of us! Just keep writing, indeed!

  8. Tyrean says:

    Having a moveable workspace makes writing possible for me. At the moment, I’m at the dining table. Sometimes, I’m at the dance studio, or a coffee shop, or a library, or in the car passenger seat, or . . . even in a ski lodge cafeteria (not a fancy lodge). Moveable spaces work.
    Thanks for stopping by, Laurel!

  9. Karen Lange says:

    It’s great to see Tyrean here! Enjoyed the peek into her writing life. Had to smile at her mobile workspace. I used to write at the ice rink (my sons’ hockey practice) and at the pool (daughter’s swim lessons). Happy Wednesday! :)

  10. Wonderful to learn more about Tyrean! Looks like she is able to write in a variety of settings. Her table at home has a nice view and looks peaceful! I love CS Lewis too! Great advice and it was interesting to learn that her writing schedule has changed. The morning bike rides sound fun. Best of luck to her!

  11. Carol Riggs says:

    Hi Tyrean! Thanks for hosting, Nutschell! Love Tyrean’s author photo hairstyle by the way, but the short look is WAY cute (and you look good in that green!). :) Like you, I enjoy windows too, for gazing out when I’m thinking. And yep–JUST DO IT. Wise words. You sound like a busy, busy person!

    • Tyrean says:

      Thanks, Carol! The “green” photo is actually from two years ago . . . I’m working at getting back into the kind of shape I was in at the time. And windows are heavenly.
      And yes, way too busy some days, but still writing. :) Thanks for stopping by, Carol!

  12. Mary Pax says:

    What lovely photos of you, Tyrean. :) I admire that you can write on the go. I need to get back to my exercise routine. I hope I’m listening to myself.

    Happy Wednesday, Shell.

    • Tyrean says:

      Thank you, Mary! I am trying to get back to that “green shirt” look with the exercise. Writing on the go is the only way I can get the time to do it. And I know what you mean about listening to yourself. :)

  13. tyrean is such a betty!! loved the photos in to her world!!

  14. Cherie Reich says:

    The Tinkerbell mug is adorable! Loved learning more about your writing space, Tyrean!

  15. Tyrean has a great blog. Being a teacher sounds so rewarding and congrats on the book!

  16. LD Masterson says:

    I was impressive (heck, in awe) of the fact that you didn’t list the Internet as a major distraction. So many writers say that’s their number one. It certainly is mine.

  17. “Vanilla Chai tea with coconut milk and honey” – sounds yummy!
    Great bookshelf placement. :)

  18. Very cool to see Tyrean featured here! I love her answer for why she writes. It matches my own reasons for being a storyteller so much!

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