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Productivity Boost at Home: Tips for Writers

Juggling 4 jobs and family life means that some things have to be set aside, so I haven’t been blogging this whole year. But when Emily emailed me to ask about doing a guest post on my blog based on the wonderful infographic she created, I couldn’t resist. Emily, thanks so much for being here and take it away!

Being a good writer is not a profession; it’s a talent. However, all people who are keen on writing want to hone their skills. Reading books, improving techniques, and practicing are high on their list. Thus, there are ways to become a better writer. There is one more thing that can help you write better.

Here’s the deal:

The more productive you are, the better your writing is.

While the writing process is time-consuming, you may find ways to boost your productivity at home.

Here come 4 tips for writers:

1. Create a comfortable workplace. Your writing place should be not only cozy but comfortable. Be picky about your office chair, as it might help you prevent health diseases. Provide a good illumination, and set up a proper brightness level and color temperature of the computer screen. If you want to get inspiration here, use paintings or quotes.

2. Organize your writing desk. A well-organized writing desk impacts your productivity, creativity, and cleverness. Try to keep it always clean, and don’t forget to use lockers to hide all stuff you use daily.

3. Use online tools. Living in the digital era gives us a lot. For example, it’s easy to find some useful tools and apps online (Hemingway, Grammarly, IA Writer, etc.) As a writer, you might want to edit or proofread your texts.

4. Take a break. Don’t try to work efficiently all the time. People need to take a pause to boost inspiration: read a book you like, meet friends, go out, or do sports. As soon as you’re rested, you’ll start writing faster and better.

If you are interested to increase your productivity at home, you are welcome to explore more at OmniPapers, as here you can find an infographic about workplace organization.
Although it takes some time to learn how to organize it, it’s pretty simple once you understand it.

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