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Thank you, awesome friends, for these wonderful awards!

From Jennie Bailey, given on 11/18/10

From N.R. Williams, given on 3/2/11

From J.L. Campbell, given on 3/25/11

From Maria Toth, gifted 4/3/11

From Linda McLaren, gifted 6/15/12

From J Lenni Dorner, gifted 7/11/12

From Deirdre Eden Coppell, given on 4/12/11

From Elizabeth Mueller, given on 4/30/11

From Susan Oloier, given on 5/3/11

FromKelly , given on 2/12/12

From Rosalind Adam, given on 6/19/11

From Julie Flanders, given on 9/14/11

From Carla Jansen, given on 9/15/11

From Treelight, given on 3/27/12

From M.J. Joachim, given on 5/5/12

From K.S. Collier, given on 5/16/12

From Jane, given on 5/22/12

From the A-Z Blog April Challenge Team, given on 5/7/12

From Tara Tyler, given on 5/21/12 (Updated version)

From Crystal Collier given on 6/29/12

From Nini Dee, given on 8/6/12


19 - sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers from Carol Kilgore


From C.Lee McKenzie, given on 8/2/13

From Crystal Collier, given on 8/21/13




From C.Lee McKenzie, given on 2/24/14


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4 Responses to “Blog Awards”

  1. tt eiland says:

    greetings. a student of mine used your descriptions of archetypes in her paper but is having a hard time with correct citation. what would you suggest?
    thanks so much

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