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Productivity Boost at Home: Tips for Writers

Juggling 4 jobs and family life means that some things have to be set aside, so I haven’t been blogging this whole year. But when Emily emailed me to ask about doing a guest post on my blog based on the wonderful infographic she created, I couldn’t resist. Emily, thanks so much for being here and take it away!

Being a good writer is not a profession; it’s a talent. However, all people who are keen on writing want to hone their skills. Reading books, improving techniques, and practicing are high on their list. Thus, there are ways to become a better writer. There is one more thing that can help you write better.

Here’s the deal:

The more productive you are, the better your writing is.

While the writing process is time-consuming, you may find ways to boost your productivity at home.

Here come 4 tips for writers:

1. Create a comfortable workplace. Your writing place should be not only cozy but comfortable. Be picky about your office chair, as it might help you prevent health diseases. Provide a good illumination, and set up a proper brightness level and color temperature of the computer screen. If you want to get inspiration here, use paintings or quotes.

2. Organize your writing desk. A well-organized writing desk impacts your productivity, creativity, and cleverness. Try to keep it always clean, and don’t forget to use lockers to hide all stuff you use daily.

3. Use online tools. Living in the digital era gives us a lot. For example, it’s easy to find some useful tools and apps online (Hemingway, Grammarly, IA Writer, etc.) As a writer, you might want to edit or proofread your texts.

4. Take a break. Don’t try to work efficiently all the time. People need to take a pause to boost inspiration: read a book you like, meet friends, go out, or do sports. As soon as you’re rested, you’ll start writing faster and better.

If you are interested to increase your productivity at home, you are welcome to explore more at OmniPapers, as here you can find an infographic about workplace organization.
Although it takes some time to learn how to organize it, it’s pretty simple once you understand it.

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Emily JohnsonEmily Johnson is a content strategist at OmniPapers blog and a writing coach who shares tips and tricks to help others improve their writing skills.

You can always find more works of hers on G+.

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I recently read stats that thirteen million e-book readers where purchased in this year, up 325% from last year.  That number is expected to grow exponentially by 4th quarter. E-book sales increased 400% and were just slightly under one billion dollars in sales last year. All of that powerful sales activity is only going to multiply.  Are you going to be one of the people to supply e-books to over thirteen million e-book readers?  There is certainly enough room for your book to be part of the revolution.  Tapping into the market can be as easy as applying these 5 powerful tips on the best ways to make money writing and selling e-books on the Internet.


Tip One

Find out what people want to know and give that information to them.  You can create an entire dynasty of books if you write for the purpose of providing information.  The Internet is the quickest way to find out what people want to know. For example you can go to any question and answer site on the web and find out what people want to know.  The title of this article is related to one of those questions. In my research 88,400 people want to know this information.

Once I had the opportunity to interview John Kremer who is a popular information writer and provider. I asked him why he decided to write his best selling book 1001 Ways to Market Your Book and to create, it was because he found there was an audience interested in information about writing and marketing books.  He wrote one book, addressed the need for marketing information and has made a career out of it.


Tip Two

It becomes much easier to learn how to make money writing and selling e-books on the Internet when you begin to apply key word strategies. Key words help you to determine what people are looking for and are used to help people find you. Content ideas for your e-books can be populated very easily that way. The best way to use key words is to avoid using highly competitive key words.  I would recommend obtaining a copy of the book The SEO Bible to learn more about key word strategies.


Tip Three

Marketing your e-book is all about getting the most exposure for it that you can get.  Many people think it is hard to learn Internet marketing skills but it really is not if you begin to build knowledge daily.  Set a side a few minutes every day, learn a marketing concept and then apply it.  I am going to help you start by suggesting 5 things to learn and apply within five days.  This probably will take less than 15 minutes a day to do but it can increase your ability to sell books tremendously. One – find out what is affiliate marketing and sign up for an account.  One of the biggest sources is Click Bank. Two – visit and pick out at least three Google tools you can use to market your book. Three – find a book on Amazon that is extremely popular, read that book and then leave a review that contains information about your e-book. Four – sign up for at least 2 article directories and see how people are using the information and then begin to do the same.  You can post information about your book in the bottom tag line of the article.  People use articles because they are highly distributed which means more people get to know about you and your e-book. Five- read articles on paid per click and see if it would be an effective way to market your book.


Tip Four

Consider unusual places to sell your book.  The following places are not the first to come to mind but people are actively using them to sell e-books:



US Free


Tip Five

The final way to learn how to make money writing and selling e-books on the Internet is to get involved in forums.  One of the most useful forums to get involved in is Kindle Forums.  I interviewed Vicki Lieski an independent author on my podcast Book That Author, she stated that one of the main influences for her being able to sell over 113,000 e-books was getting involved with the Kindle community, getting to know the people in the forum and then using any opportunities they presented.  The main opportunity was getting involved with interview requests.  There are forums and social networking communities throughout the web, get involved.


Promoting a book has never been easier with all of the wonderful tools available today.  The Internet has made it possible to literally become an expert book marketer.  The playing field between traditional publishers and self -publishers has been lowered because of the World Wide Web.  Smart self-publishers are rising to the occasion and learning to promote books in highly effective ways.


About the Author:

Linda's Bio Pic

Linda Leon is the owner of a one stop author support and publications group.  She is the author of Publishing and Publicity for Smart People and Rock Star Marketing.  These books are available on Amazon. If you need any help with publishing needs feel free to contact Linda at


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Book Giveaway Winners & Visiting Veronica’s Blog

The magic box has spoken!

Here are the winners of this month’s Spotlight Week Giveaway.

Congratulations, Akoss!

You win a copy of Jenn Reese‘s Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure ABOVE WORLD.


And Congratulations to the following beauties for winning a copy of Jenn Reese’s JADE TIGER:


Lydia Kang

Margo Berendsen



Congratulations, ladies! I’ll be emailing you all some instructions on claiming your prize.

In other news…

Do you remember Veronica? I featured her on my Wednesday Writers Workspace last April. To return the favor, she invited me over to do a guest posting on her own blog.

Hop on over to Thursday’s Child! I’ll wait for you there.

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