A New Chapter in My Life

I hope you all had a marvelous Independence Day weekend!

I spent most of last week doing chores, and catching up on my chapters and other writing group activities. I also managed to squeeze in some time to hang out with family and friends.  I’m trying to make sure I get a lot of personal stuff done so I can give my new job the utmost attention.

After almost nine years of working at the same company, doing the same job day after day, I am more than ready to turn the page and start a new chapter in my life.

And I can already tell it’s going to be a great new chapter! Why? Because my job has to do with my two greatest passions—writing and teaching/learning.

Tomorrow I start at my new job at UCLA Extension’s Writers Program. As its Online Creative Writing and Events Rep, I’ll be in charge of planning the program’s online offerings and organizing its writing events. These are two of my favorite activities—and I would do this for free. But now, I’ll get paid to actually pursue these passions. I am super thrilled to be working there and I can’t wait to dive in.

A new job means a new schedule and a new way of doing things. While I’m trying to figure out how things work, I’m pretty sure some things will get set aside—my writing and this blog, for starters. My Wednesday Writer’s Workspace posts will always be there, as will my guest postings, but I might miss a few days here and there. But I will try my best not to. Once I find the rhythm of this new chapter of my life, I’m sure I’ll find a better way to juggle all the roles I play. In the meantime, I apologize for my inconsistent postings.

I hope you all are doing great. I’ll try to drop by every now and then to see how you all are. But even if you don’t see me, rest assured all you bloggy friends are in my thoughts and prayers!

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12 Responses to “A New Chapter in My Life”

  1. JJ Gow says:

    Good luck with your new position! You are a fabulous teacher!! =)

  2. Murees Dupé says:

    Congratulations on the new job! So exciting. Best of luck with your new adventure.

  3. Oh, good luck to you! Praying it all goes well.

  4. mooderino says:

    Good luck and full steam ahead!

  5. Karen Stong says:

    Congrats on the new job! New starts are so exciting. Best of luck to you!

  6. Maiko says:

    Congratulations!! So excited for your new chapter in life. You will do fantastic.

  7. Nutschell, just enjoy! When you’re set in your new groove, then worry about the blog.

  8. Good luck & enjoy!
    with all the best!

  9. Congratulations! I’ve missed knowing what you’ve been up to.

  10. Ate Zamm says:

    You’ll do great! All the best! 😀

  11. Maria Toth says:

    Good-luck, Nutschell! Your new job sounds so exciting! You’re perfect for the position! Looking forward to hearing all about it. :-)

  12. Congratulations! So excited for you that you will be working in a field you are passionate about. Wishing you the best of luck. :)

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