In 2011, I featured a young adult contemporary novel called Undiscovered Gyrl by author Allison Burnett on my blog’s Spotlight Week. I did a review of the book and even interviewed the author. Little did I know that the characters I’d read (and worried) about would come to life on the silver screen three years later.

undiscovered gyrl


Author/screenwriter Allison Burnett remembered the review I wrote of UNDISCOVERED GYRL and offered me a chance to view the movie two weeks before it was set to air in theaters. Naturally, I jumped at the chance.

To get the taste of what the movie is all about, watch the film trailer below:


ASK ME ANYTHING was adapted from the book UNDISCOVERED GYRL by Allison Burnett. When I heard there was going to be a movie version, I was a bit worried that the voice and language which I loved about the book would not translate to the big screen.

Thankfully, I was wrong. The movie stays true to the book—from the complex characters, right down to the spelling errors made by Katie while she was blogging drunk. It helped that the film’s screenwriter and director also happens to be the book’s author, Allison Burnett.

18 year-old Katie Kampenfelt blogs about her life just after graduating from high school. Using an online persona, she shares her personal experiences with anonymous readers. She describes encounters with her alcoholic father, oblivious mother, needy boyfriend, and the older men whom she just can’t seem to stay away from –in particular, a college film professor (Justin Long), and married father (Christian Slater), who happens to be her boss (she’s the nanny for his baby).


In the novel, the main character’s voice—her unique way of viewing the world and responding to it—dominated every scene, and I was worried that this wouldn’t be portrayed accurately in the film. Katie Kampenfelt is a perceptive and intelligent  soul trapped inside a frustrating cycle of self-abuse and it would take an amazing actress to pull off the role. The film delivers on this end, thanks to the incredible performance of Britt Robertson.

Britt ‘s portrayal of Katie was at once captivating and heart-breaking. I found myself simultaneously loving and hating her, just as I did when I read the book. And it is this honest, realistic performance that made me hate the way the story ended (all over again—since I felt the same way when I read the book).

Just as with the book, the film ends with a complete twist–something most viewers won’t see coming. The reason I hated the ending was because I’d gotten so attached to, and invested in the main character, that a future without her felt heavy and bleak. Though I wish the film had ended with a more hopeful tone, I understand that the story is meant to be a cautionary tale. As a story, ASK ME ANYTHING is an excellent trauma narrative, offering viewers a glimpse into the life and psyche of a young, deeply troubled woman, who is lost, lonely and utterly alone in her struggles to find her place in the scheme of things.

Other outstanding cast members include Robert Patrick, who plays Katie’s alcoholic, washed-out sports-writer father, and Martin Sheen, a bookstore owner with a dark past, and Katie’s first employer.

martin sheen britt robertson

Another notable thing about the film is its stellar soundtrack. Running with the book’s theme, it features many “undiscovered” female singer-songwriters, who are all around the same age as main character Katie Kampenfelt. The soundtrack won “Best Music” at the 2014 Nashville Film Festival and you can hear some of the songs here.  By featuring these talented, undiscovered girls, the soundtrack offers a more hopeful alternative to the film’s rather sad ending.

The movie opens TOMORROW  (FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19th, 2014) in selected theaters. You may also stream it on Amazon Instant, ITunes, Xbox and other Video On Demand platforms.



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142 Responses to “Film Review: Ask Me Anything (Based on the Book Undiscovered Gyrl by Allison Burnett)”

  1. Hilary says:

    Hi TWNut .. amazing that you got to that pre-airing of the film – how kind of Allison to remember … The review here certainly is interesting and I may well get to go to see it when it comes down to Eastbourne ..

    Cheers and take care and have a happy Christmas week – Hilary

    • Writer Mel says:

      I wasn’t aware that this film was based on a book when I’d decided to watch it today on Netflix. It is a beautifully tragic film, and you are right – the cast is amazing! I was a little confused about the ending; it’s directed as though it’s based not just on a book, but on a true story. Is that the case?

      Then again, Katie did say that she changed details of her blog to hide her true identity. It’s interesting then that the key players in her life were well-known actors (Long, Sheen, and Patrick) and when we see the “real” gentlemen she was with were grungy and all had their own personal issues.

      How awesome that you got to see an early showing of this film! Best of luck with your blog. :)

      • sadie says:

        I’m so confused at the end the people change from what she says and she looks totally different in the picture …. Who’s the blocked number ? Is she acctually pregnant? Wtfffff help please!

        • Cassie says:

          I think it was based on a true story and at the end it was the real mother talking and the photo was a photo of the real Amy

          I hope this makes sense 😂😂

  2. Hoof Harted says:

    Good performance. Too bad their wasn’t more boning in the movie, but meh.

    The ending sucked. Nothing foreshadowed it. It was foisted upon the audience’s unsuspecting brains. When the credits rolled, i was like huh? It really didn’t fit the feel of the movie at all. Some foreshadowing and some more development of the ending might of helped. A few more minutes may have done it, but probably not.

    The movie was about the hottie, but the guys she was boning came across as shallow, which they were. But they were poorly portrayed. Sheen and Slater must be hard up to have accepted such minor roles. Their days in the sun are kaput.

    PS. you have some spelin errors in this review. I doent think eye do?

    • John Copper says:

      I must be getting too old, but why do most guys see women only skin deep? Yes, she is attractive, but more so because, she had a brain, and a soul. I am 55 now and yes, I love women but, sex now hardly seems worth it. (There needs to be something more.) But more than her physical beauty, I thought the character and storyline were great. It was obvious the Cristian Slater character got rid of her. Movies today, are too dark, and too many O.K. ones are being made. This I give a B++ only because of the ending. Was she an alcoholic? I didn’t see that.They usually drink the real stuff. J.D. , Vodka, Bacardi 151, Tequila.
      Martian Sheen did a great job. I disagree about Sheen and Slater. They probably wanted to get out of their mansions and help this kid. I really wish she, and other young people, would find their way. But, when you have ten rich bankers loaning the at interest calling themselves the federal reserve, and WE have to pay the interest on the money/computer smoke and mirrors loaned to us, while the bankers contribute nothing,”They” just take. Killed both the Kennedy brothers. When our GNP is debt.The young generation has really been left a mess, and is battered with media lies. Getting killed when your pregnant or, getting killed at all, especially at such a young age, is very sad. Was this based on a true story? If not specifically, I am sure things like that happen every day. So many people kill. But, if your motives are good,and you give it your best, even though your physical goes, what you really are, your “essence” goes on. Peace.

      • Ichigo says:

        “It was obvious the Cristian Slater character got rid of her.”
        No. I think Mr. Solagee got rid of her.
        He is the neighbor who abused her when she was young, to whom she just sent a menacing letter, telling him she remembers everything.

        • Xanthippe Barles says:

          “I think Mr. Solagee got rid of her”
          No. I think it was not him because the main character did say Mr. Solagee was a grown man already when he molested her and by then he was very old possibly dead. So unless he maintained a very masculine or dominant build since the time when he molested “Katie” it’s highly unlikely he was responsible for her dissapearance.

        • Estephanie says:

          Based on the movie, I don’t think it could have been Mr. Solagee, because she mentioned he was old..and he could have possibly been dead. (who knows..)
          I just like to believe that she decided to start a life of her own.

        • amber simoni says:

          You know i think your right. I watched the movie and it was like right after she sent the note she like went missing. Its funny how people in this world are so fucking messed up to ruin someones life for good. Mmmmm

    • RÄY says:

      I believe you are mistaken. When the movie starts it clearly says that names will be changed and things will be altered. I can see where you’d be confused because he main character is bubbly and you almost can’t take her seriously because she is lost and doesn’t know what to do with her life. But I remember her saying that her name wasn’t katie. I’m sorry you felt like this wasn’t a great movie but I thought it was pretty good. But that’s just me. And there is no need to be snarky on a website especially since you didn’t view the film the way the Author wanted you to view it. I know I sure did.

    • UndiscoveredMan says:

      You’re way off. It was an indie film played by some of the better actors out there. She is playing her mother at the end to stop blogging. Listen to the soundtrack, songs are way ahead of their time. The woman are brilliant song writers/performers. Great book, great movie, and a great soundtrack. 5*****!

      • UndiscoveredMan says:

        Replied to wrong person…still not discovered. Ooopps,

      • Jugee says:

        I believe she “Katie” is ending her blog to start a new life without reporting ‘in her blog’ everything that she experiences in her daily life…As the movie states ‘in thought’ while she is in the tub deciding to end her blog and start over ( a whole new life) and move into the garage apartment of her new (yet ex…) bookstore boss…Nobody knows her true identity!!! She didn’t get a blocked call from anyone!!! This was her way of dramatically ending her blog…the only way to truly end a blog so many sad humans were obsessed with…If they believe she is missing or worse…dead…they will drift elsewhere…

  3. Charlene says:

    Hi i watched the Movie it was great…but what happen to her…did she just disappear to live her own life or did she get murdered?

    • amber simoni says:

      She ran away and never came back. She was pregnant and she sent a note to a neighbor who tried to have sex with her when she was little and I say and my friend say as she sent the note he kidnapped her. Thats what I think. I also heard she changed her name and color of her hair so no one knows what she looks like. Ive got no clue. I have a blog about movies and books I’m writing something about this movie because people begged me to. So how ever if I get answers I’m hoping they are good ones like she had the baby and everything in her life is fine.

      • Silver leaf says:

        If mr solagee the abuser kidnapped her I’m sure you wouldn’t mind or your friend explaining the idiotic notion of how a 80+ year old man kidnapped her and just so happened to know Katie remembered everything and how he knew she told anyone, wrote a letter, that she would even send the letter as the shrink told her it wasn’t for him it was Katie herself, and how he would know she would be at that exact post box at that exact time having never seen her after she moved away? Please, don’t quit your day job.

  4. Charlene says:

    Or commit suicide?

  5. carla says:

    The movie saddens me because I don’t know if it’s a true story. What happened to the girl? Was she even found? So many questions.

  6. Cher says:

    Just watched it on UVerse On Demand then found myself googling to see if this was based on a true story. Loved the movie. Complex characters and relevant plot to today’s digital youth. Thanks for the review.

    • amber simoni says:

      Hehehe I did the same thing i was watching it on netflix and I found my self screen shooting it on my phone so I can search up if its real it kinda felt real cause at the end the people who where in the movie didn’t look like the people at the end so I was like these are the real people aren’t they.. So I searched it up and a lot of stuff came up and was like- Based on a book. I was so happy yet sad because I would love to read that book maybe more answers will pop up.

    • Sherri says:

      I’m with the two of you. I just finished watching on Netflix and had to google to see if it was based on a true story. Even though it’s technically not based on a true story it does give insight into today’s young adults and the digital world. Today’s youth puts way too much personal information out for the world to see.

      I personally thought the movie was very good and realistic enough that I had to see if it was fact based.

  7. Kris says:

    Merry Christmas .. Just finished the film and I think it was good. From Bangkok, Thailand. 😀

  8. Christopher Woodson says:

    I have never written a comment about any movie. However, this one time I am compelled to ask if there is any truth or reality behind this film. I thought this film was intriguing, compelling, and definitely captivating. So, I need to know, if you would be so kind, is it just a great fictional film or is there some factual basis behind it?

    • amber simoni says:

      Sorry if this is late I just saw the movie. But yes it true based on a real book. What she does is she changed her hair color and name and changed the way she acted I heard someone found her. That might not be true but I hope so. Because I was so happy yet sad to see that the movie was true. Because I saw it was based on a book and let me tell you I hate reading but along as it looks (Okay) I will try.

      • Silver leaf says:

        Ok no amber. Real means it was a real person. How old are you anyway? The person clearly was asking if the actual people and story were true. Get a clue seriously.

    • Suzy says:

      Is it true or not? What happened to her?

    • john says:

      pure fiction as noted in the credits, not based on any real character

  9. jassmin says:

    I really wish there was more too this. It’s driving me crazy not knowing what happened to katie. It just felt so real and I really felt like I had a connection with her and now I feel like I just lost something. I’m gonna have a really hard time sleeping tonight not knowing. Thanks alot! :’-(

  10. theresa says:

    Was this girl ever found? Or is it a made up story? I enjoyed the movie but would like to know if she had her precious baby and a good life.
    Thanks and Happy Holidays
    Mrs. Theresa M Smith

  11. Gary says:

    Great film, slap in the face ending, wasn’t going to watch but imdb classed it as mystery/thriller, had to watch until the end to find any mystery but very good.

  12. Jessica says:

    Again like everyone seems to be asking… Is there any truth to this story?! Was she found?! If not true story that ending could of been somewhat better…

  13. Lisa says:

    I love everything about the movie except for the ending. It leaves you wondering if it’s a true story or not. It also makes the story feel incomplete. Wish I knew more!

  14. Ange says:

    I too enjoyed the movie up to but not including the ending. And, I also found my googling to see if this was a true story. I see here that everyone is wondering the same thing but the questions are never answered. Was this a true story? If yes, what happened to her? Was she ever found? Was she killed? Did she just run away to have her baby? Why won’t you answer our questions?

  15. Ange says:

    *sorry it is supposed to say “found myself”

  16. Happy New Year to you and your family, Nutschell!

  17. I haven’t read the book or seen the movie, but oddly enough I heard about the movie for the first time today! Both sound very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  18. emmanuel kumashie griffiths says:

    After watching the movie, i thought deeply and think for once as a true life occurrence but seen the bigger picture,… fiction or what…..??? i really do like the movie, actors, and the soundtracks so much.. i gotta read the real book one of this days…!!!!!!!

  19. Erin says:

    I just got finished watching the movie. And the ending threw me off completely!! I’m wondering the same thing everyone else is….what happens in the end …murdered??? Ran away?? and is this based on a true story. i never would’ve wondered if it was based on a true story until the very end of the movie. I really loved the characters in the movie… they were so real and interesting. please someone let us know all of our questions. Thank you

  20. Sp00kie says:

    Who didn’t see the end coming? It was telegraphed through the whole movie. This is just a updated rip off of Looking For Mr Goodbar and Go Ask Alice….except for the fact that Katie didn’t die or go missing. She simply ended the blog posting as her own mother, as she had before with the shrink.

    • smobey says:

      You nailed it. Hadn’t thought of that but it is perfect.

    • GeorgePrinceton says:

      Most intriguing possibility of the ending yet. Thanks!

    • April says:

      Very insightful. This is a strong possibility!

    • Cindy Rights says:

      Hi Sp00kie, this is Cindy. Cindy Rights. Remember me?

    • aubreysxm says:

      While I think this would have been a great ending to the story, I don’t think this is what the author intended. The end of the movie is showing the harsh reality of her actual life and her mother even mentions “Katie’s” real name: “Amy Grantham” (which, you’ll recall, “Katie” used when she went to Dan’s home and presented as his student, who couldn’t do her paper, because her father died). I just don’t think she would have revealed the details of her real life in her blog. Unless that was an entire other fabrication, but in this day and age, everything can be verified online in minutes…

  21. Annie says:

    I just finished watching this movie and at first was not pleased with the ending. But as read the comments that the people above have posted it got me thinking about one of the characters, Paul. In the list that he gave “Katie” about ten things about adulthood one of them said “there are no such things as happy endings” I don’t know if I’m reading too much into this but it seems like to me when we watch movies it’s all about how it ends. If it’s a rom-com it’s all about if the couple will get together and realize they are perfect for each other. If it’s horror, it’s about solving the mystery and getting to the bottom of whatever is happening. You get the point. What I’m trying to say is that this story doesn’t have a proper ending because maybe the author wants us to make up our own endings, whether happy or sad. I like to think that Katie went to go meet Joel and they are living their imperfect lives together, but not as a couple.

  22. Elta says:

    I really think Paul killed her… She text him ” I need to talk to you” (probably about the pregnancy) Later, someone called her and she took her car for meeting this person and then she never came home… suspicious right ?

    ps : sorry for my bad english , i’m french 😉

    • I know right! I thought the exact same thing. Now I’m just left wondering and its killing me… Not really but you get my point… Unless you’re an alien… ;p

    • Christine says:

      She didn’t have access to a car because she quit working for Paul, that’s why she walked home. I think the movie isn’t bad on actual events but it’s portrayed to look like it was too warn women about the dangers of fooling around with married older men, being young and dealing with life, etc…..I loved this film, and just as the book store owner explained transcendence to the main character…I was completely focused and transcended while watching. I probably will watch it again……loved this film!!

    • Sk says:

      Maybe the french chick that was dating Dan the “professor” found out about his affair with the girl and offed her.

    • Silver leaf says:

      Did you not see the other men she wrote to saying she had to talk to them? She told ALL the men she needed to talk to them. I suppose this means they all got together and killed her then right? You have no imagination seriously. Only dull people jump straight to the cliche that she must have been killed. Lets altogether throw out the ongoing idea that Katie was growing up and wanted to find her place in the world as a new adult. Some of you are truly dim.

  23. Mark says:

    A sad great movie… a lots of actuality in the teens world etc… My question is, who are the peoples they show at the end of the movie? Since the movie is based on a true story are they might be the characters of the true story ? and in the last picture maybe the real Kate picture pop up …

  24. lefty Hara says:

    It’s not a true story but it could be. I’ve known more than one girl with a life like this. The interesting bit to me is that they didn’t use the cell provider to find out who called her for that minute and a half.. and that the car was never recovered. I had to admit I liked the imagery of her leaving her “realitty show” life to start her real life. While the ending did catch me off guard, i didn’t think it was as bad as some people here have stated.. Because it was kind of a diary of her life, the fact that it ended abrupty was not terribly unexpected though her disappearance was. Someone said it above that they simultainiously loved and hated her; and that is my experience too with the girls she reminded me of.

  25. Dee says:

    So, I just finished watching this movie tonight, and yes I can see why everyones feeling the same :HUH!” If it is all fictional at the end that is pretty messed up! I was thinking the same thing about it being a knock off of “go ask alice.” although go ask alice was clearly based in the 80s, and this just gives a newer generation a chance to learn the life lesson behind both booked…I am now going to use my ninja google skills to find out if it is a real story or not, and when I do ill def. update this comment

  26. rachel says:

    i had a dream. that one day all movies would be created equal. the girl was my best friend. i love her. she will never come back

  27. m says:

    the soundtrack one “Best Music”

  28. Abbie says:

    Is this a true story?

  29. Brooke Allen says:

    I don’t believe it was anyone she knew on a personal level. My opinion the movie portrays with the ending that the internet in our generation is dangerous. There are so many people who have the intelligence to hack computer IP addresses…sometimes your personal phone and residence information can be found online….I believe it was one of her followers who began to disagree with her actions. You could see all of the hate mail she started to get towards the end of the movie and she disappeared directly after her last post which I find strange.

    If I had to pin it on someone in her life ,I would say the college professor cause he had the most to lose in his life by getting strung into impregnating a teenager whom wasn’t his fiance. Perhaps he was following her blog as well and when he saw her post about not knowing if she was still gonna keep the child…he panicked. It would completely ruin his image. Ehh just a theory.

    And no this is not based off of a real story although I’m sure there are stories out there that are pretty damn close in comparison. Its based off of a fictional novel. That’s it.

  30. Joe says:

    Just saw the movie. I do like Britt as an actress and she gives a superb performance. The ending was exactly what it should have been given that is exactly what happened. Good movie

  31. Desrae says:

    I don’t know who to think took her or killed her. What i want to know is if they ever found her. Like did they look for the missing car, searched the plate numbers? Did they find the car? any DNA evidence or just signs of a struggle?
    When I was watching the scene near the end of her walking home I could just sense something bad was going to happen to her but then she got home and took a bath and I thought maybe I was wrong and then the end happened. I was stunned. I feel like I need closer myself. I need to know if they ever found her and if the mother is alright. If she was killed and if they ever got her murderer.

  32. Naomi says:

    I just watched the movie I really loved it until the end of course. it had me rewinding to see if I missed something. and just like everyone else I googled if it was a true story. I guess it’s not but I really wish that I could have gotten more detail as to what happened to katie. I think she killed her self to be honest or that she was abducted. Even if at the end it said “she was later discovered dead” or 2 weeks later she came home or something of the sort then I would feel a little less traumatized from the end. I think it’s safe to say we all were connected to katie is one way or another and for the movie to just end like that it’s traumatic. the characters in the movie were great and so was the acting but the end really messed it up for me

  33. Trisha says:

    Clearly she was crazy cause everybody was different at the end it was so confusing cause even if she was crazy what happened to her

  34. Caroline says:

    Loved the movie. As a teacher of teens, I could really empathise with Kat. One of the most surprisingly real movies. I pray that there will be a happy ending for this.

  35. Rix says:

    I just finished the film … the complexity of the character made me want to watch it further and root for her. Did not expect the ending at all. Now I wished I stopped and change the channel. Do I regret watching it….. hell no.

  36. Amy Luedke says:

    I loved this movie. I connected with Katie throughout movie except I never slept with men who were married or knew they had girlfriends. I too was molested at a young age never told anyone blocked it out and it happened again at 16 with an uncle and my world turned upside down. I met a boy my mom introduced me too and got pregnant to get away from her and he turned abusive. My life has been a roller coaster like this girl. I really wish we could know what happened to her. I think Paul killed her he was the last person she texted he lied to the police about their affair and why did the book store guy lie to the cops. Simple she came to him for advice he said whatever to get her not to have an abortion all he had to say. But I think Paul is a guilty prick and I hope someone is charged. Who sleeps with a young girl caring for his child in his wife’s bed? I was angry she excepted the invitation or flirted with him as well. Just wrong but she don’t deserve to die.

  37. Amy Luedke says:

    Please tell us was this a true story? The end said it was so is it?

  38. Joselyn says:

    what happened to her?! the movie left me nowhere I want to know what happened is this even based on a real story?! I hate movies that end with so many questions unanswered -__-

  39. Natalie says:

    So… Apparently there is no answer to if this is real or not?

    Maybe I watch too many crime dramas, but this ending works for me. I’ve known a handful of messed up persons and their problems don’t just magically go away. Some one said they didn’t think she was an alcoholic because of her choice of drink…That’s funny to me. 18 year olds drink whatever they can get their hands on and she had wine or smirnoff in hands in half the scenes.

    I completely buy it. I am curious to know what happened. If it’s at all based on truth. I thought the bookstore owner killed her. He never actually said what he did to get that “Sexual Assault” Charge, but he did say they ended up in a hospital. Maybe he tried to kill the other woman. Maybe he killed Katie too?

  40. Theresa says:

    I’m suprised no one thinks the it’s the guy who just tried to off himself because he is obsessed with her. Yeah could be the old man pervert if he’s still alive and why doesn’t anyone link this story to a few true stories that have happened it’s obvious that’s where the writer got the idea. Final thought it would have been a better movie if it started at the End then got into the story then finished it instead of the abrupt ending it had…..

  41. Jezika_Rae says:

    Sp00kie you totally gave me so much peace!!

    I too came here looking for answers and your reasoning totally hit me as right in character for Katie…She wanted to log off and stop posting about her life…she was looking for a way out of the blog and it wouldn’t have sat well for her to just leave it as a happy-ish ending…so instead she chucks in the post written as her mother (just as she did with the email to her shrink) and hey-presto, she can get on with her life, without feeling guilty about not blogging (She kept posting throughout the whole story with apologies for taking so long to blog)
    plus she leaves with a bit of drama (her draw to attached men seems to indicate a love for drama)

    Thanks Sp00kie! I’ll sleep well tonight!

  42. Brianna says:

    Can someone please explain the ending to me

  43. JayCee says:

    After watching the film, as all other commentators, was displeased with the ending. Throughout the entirety of the film there was a deep connection I had felt between the character Katie and myself. Finding out the harsh truth that everything had been a lie left me feeling empty and quite dissapointed.

  44. Claudine says:

    She ended the blog herself

  45. Jill says:

    The movie is based off of a book. Obviously the author chose to write this ending to leave you hanging, to leave you wondering. That’s what makes both the book and the movie so great. I aspire to be at least half as amazing as Allison Burnett as a writer.

  46. Dave says:

    I was interested in the move more and more as l watched it. It was very similar in some aspects to what has happened to me in my life. I know how easy it is to disappear completely with no trace of ones self. I have seen it happen first hand.

  47. Elizabeth Harper says:

    Paul was a psychopath inside and out. And, he probably killed her. The story is fiction. Although, this kind of thing happens all day long all over the world.

  48. George says:

    I believe it was the college film guy because he’s the only one that she would run out to meet like that. Very good movie and just pray that it’s not a true story.

  49. Claire says:

    Don’t watch this movie on your period. It will make you text you ex’s. But a good movie nonetheless.

  50. Victoria says:

    I just finished the film and also found myself asking, “Is this based from true events?” I did some digging and the original book, “Undiscovered Gyrl” is fictional. Rest easy, now!

  51. Shelby says:

    I think the phone call was from Joel. She asked his mother (or whomever the woman she was on the phone with was) to call whenever Joel was able to have visitors. I think they ran off together.. not necessarily in a romantic way but to escape everything and everyone and to start over.

  52. hanna says:

    the movie is based on a book that was written by Allison Burnett, it’s not a true story. the movie was AWESOME and i would have to agree that the neighbor who molested her as a child murdered who, going back to her mailing him the letter that her therapist had suggested to do… though her therapist did say she wasn’t going to mail it.

  53. Amanda says:

    As much as the ending depresses me, I think it’s brilliant. There’s so many plausible scenarios and it wasn’t expected at all. I hope it was the Katie writing as her mom ending, but I tend to lean toward the Mr. Solage ending. But, I guess it’s up to the reader.

  54. lorane says:

    I really enjoyed this movie. I didn’t want it to end…I wanted to know if its real or not. her disappearing or not matters and is upsetting when its the end and there is nothing. i hope its not true but it happens everyday which is sad. she was trying to find herself through other people and experience.

  55. Bridget says:

    What the heck! I’m so mad at the ending! That’s so dumb. Why were the actors different at the end , that makes no sense, and the pic of the girl wasn’t Katie??? And you can’t find no answers on Google. Anyone get it?

  56. Hailey Edwards says:

    I just watched the movie and I am wondering the same thing everyone else is. They should have said if it was a true story. I never thought it was a true story until the end. But dont most true stories say so at the beginning of the movie? Idk. But im going insane wondering if she was killed or commited suicide. Or did she just run away? Movies like this with a giant hook at the end just drive me crazy cause I dont what happened. But if anyone has answers plz post?!

  57. Sherry says:

    I just got around to watching this movie on Netflix. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the depth the story took and even more so by the ending. At first I thought it was just going to be another teen sleeping around flick. All the characters were very believable. The things she wrote about telling your Father that you love him even if you don’t really mean it at the time because later when he’s gone forever you might mean it. I loved that it made me smile and my eyes water at the same time, I could relate to that so much as I was a young girl when my dad passed away. Perhaps that is what I liked about the entire film I could relate to it, well all but the very end. I don’t agree with others that say not knowing what happened to her made it a bad film. It’s another thing that makes it a great film. Most of us did not see it coming, It added mystery and also left it that each could make their own ending of what happened to Katie. I enjoyed it so much that I plan to read the book next.

  58. Lesly says:

    This movie was so heart wrenching for me because I see a lot of my self in the main character. It scares me to think how this could have happened to me and so many questions arise. I felt anxious when the story ended the way it did, just left with the unknown. I guess life is really like that no questions answered, no assurances, just another person in the world. It was all a air of emotions. I love how the story began as a girl that seemed to just be having a fling and that she was honestly okay with it all but as the story progressed everything unraveled proving that not everything is as easy as it seems. She did everything in the moment, she was lonely, she was grieving and the whole time thinking of herself. She loved who she wanted, came and left as she pleased. But not until she was pregnant did she realize that she needed to be free now she had something else to think about. It really does scare me how much I relate to this character.

  59. Lesly says:

    I like to believe that Katie left everyone and everything behind, that she chose to make her own beginning. Although she could not forget those who put a mark on her life she decided to leave. She chose, she really did she left without goodbyes leaving everything out in the open. But I might be wrong maybe the author doesn’t know either what happened to Katie. Maybe she too thought about the endless possibilities but she’s an author so she must know why she made the ending so dramatic it literally mad my heart sink. Maybe I question everything too much but that’s that I’m guessing she did that because us as humans at least most fear the unknown and that’s why we like to make our own ending our own conclusion because with no answers what is there. We can’t live with something so dramatic as it just happened because it did or maybe it happened for a reason but what if there’s no answer to it all. Maybe there’s a higher understanding to it or not it is what it is all we can do is ponder on it, talk about it, think about it, because if you’re here reading this wondering about this is well the author did a good job she got you to look for answers to her piece of literature and make what you can of it.

  60. I agree with Elta, I think Paul killed her as well.. he was married with a family and probably didn’t want her to cause any problems with that. In the end of the movie he denied any sexual relationship with her. There definitely needs to be a SECOND movie to this, if it is just based off of a book… so we can know what happened to her, would be awesome !!! great movie !!!!

  61. Claudia says:

    Great movie but the ending is killing me! So many possible reasons to her disappearance and so many loose end not tied up. What happened to that letter she sent to her old neighbor?

  62. Sheila says:

    So it’s not a true story? Wtf.. I felt horrible for this young pregnant missing girl . And with so many of these stories bein true why would someone make light of this?!!

  63. Rebecca C. says:

    I enjoyed the movie and only watched it because i’ve seen Brittl on Under the Dome and was curious how her big screen acting would be. I’m so confused with the ending ending though. Minutes after the movie was over I searched if they ever found Katie and it led me here. I assume she is not a real person, but why on earth would you have an ending like that? I guess to just confuse the mass amount of people who would watch this film. All in all it was an ok movie. I’d give it 3/5

  64. Eb says:

    Truly loved this movie. I wasn’t expecting such a plot twisting ending because I was so caught up in the bubble gum, happy beginning. But there’s nothing I love more than a plot twist.

  65. Kelly says:

    The ending to this movie is driving me crazy too. Ive been trying to look up for hours who could have done this but after reading this website I believe that it was Mr. Solagee the man who sexually abused her when she was little. At the end of the movie/book as they go over “Katies” real life the investigator never goes to see or talk to Mr.Solagee and the mom never brings it up. Also “Katie” had sent a letter to him telling him that she remembers everything…… idk its just what i think!

    Thoughts/comments on what I think?

  66. Danielle says:

    This film seemed like a mix between Go Ask Alice and Juno. The spiraling out of control life and disappearance/maybe death fit right in with what happens in Go Ask Alice. Sorry if you haven’t read that book but you really should. I liked the movie a lot actually.

  67. Tiffany says:

    I halfway liked this movie until the end ruined it. It was a tad bit tweeny-cheesy to me, but I liked that it addressed the real problems that young girls face. I thought it was good for people in the same situation to be able to relate to “Katie”. In the end, my first thought was that she killed herself. I now agree that it seems most likely she was posting as her mother to end the blog. Nevertheless, having that dark vibe at the end isn’t beneficial to real life people watching this movie that are in similar circumstances. It needed to end on a more positive note to inspire these young people.

  68. Jennifer D says:

    Just watched this movie on Netflix it was excellent just would really like to know if there is a sequel coming up i hate that it leaves me wanting more.

  69. Shelby says:

    Hi, just finished watching this movie for the first time and was hoping to find some answers here. I’m not even really interested in what actually happened to Katie, I’m more interested in having an explanation as to what was even going on the whole movie? As we all see at the end, Katie totally exaggerated her whole life the entire movie. Everything in the real world was very boring and pathetic compared to the glamorous version of Katie. (hot boyfriends, cute friends, adorable style). So I get it,(I think?), it’s comparing to how girls live in this fantasy world almost of who they’d like to be. But, I don’t understand .. Was Katie clinically insane? Did she believe glamorous Katie was actually her life? And the ending, when it showed the real Katie’s face, was she even 18 years old??? The girl in the photo looks to be about 16 at the most, however I’d shoot for 15.Was it trying to say that real Katie was actually very young? I want to say it was Paul, the father, who killed Katie at the end. She tells him that she’s pregnant, she’s keeping it, and he kills her. Simple. But if it was Paul who killed her, who did she write a “Call Me” letter to? That wasn’t Paul’s house that she dropped the letter off at. It’d make the most sense that it was whoever she dropped the letter off to that called her that night. Did she even actually have sexual relations with Paul or was she just so fucked up that she imagined she did? I would love to hear someone else’s take on it because it’s driving me insane.

  70. honestly, after literally living this movie as I watched took my breath away… I can identify, as many of us can. however, the most tragic thing is the dream I had this morning before I awoke how this married man buried her so deep in his back yard near his fence the one she had the affair with and the wife knew/knows about the affair and a neighbor looked out his/her window like a type of ally while this was going on. my heart beats for her location. she aint missing she is gone. take it from a mother who has the experience of a runaway daughter. pregnant daughters come home. Natural…

  71. cassie says:

    So this was a true story? Have they ever found Amy? This movie hit me very hard especially that im young .. it happens … yet u need to be strong & not let anything get in your way.

  72. cassie says:

    So this was a true story? Have they ever found Amy? This movie hit me very hard especially that im young .. it happens … yet u need to be astrong & not let anything get in your way.

  73. TJ says:

    If is not a true story, why did the characters change at the end? Why was Katie now referred to as Amy? No trace of her car? #SoConfused but loved the movie

    • Rebecca says:

      Because she changed details and names in her blog, we (as viewers) saw things as she wrote it. At the end, she was not the one setting the “scene”, it was her mother. When her mother wrote, it was the truth and so we saw the real names and faces.
      The movie is NOT based on a true sorry.

  74. Mozzykat says:

    So was this a true story or not? If so, have they found her? I really liked the movie

  75. Lucy says:

    Alright, if there are still any unanswered questions about the movie (I just watched it today), here goes: no, this was not based on a true story. It is only an amazing work of fiction by Allison Burnett. Does it ring very true and real to an 18 year old girl like myself? Very much indeed. The ending is… slightly off-putting, to say the least. I would agree with Sp00kie’s version of the end, where she writes her last post in the voice of the mother, hence finding a way to finalise her blog in a dramatic tone that very much suits her personality. I can’t say I loved/hated Katie throughout it; I felt sorry for her most of the time and just wished I could’ve forced myself into the screen to guide her into the right direction. Also… a detail most people seem to have omitted here is that Katie might have made up her love affair with Paul after all. To what extent can you trust a first-person narrator, right?

  76. cocoa says:

    The ending is simple. She didn’t die. She started a new beginning. The explanation is in the song right at the end of the movie. Listen to the lyrics. Especially the part when she told her mother that she knows that her mother is scared that she has gone out the door but she is not little anymore. Just imagine she wrote the song.

  77. Maria says:

    Is the father really the molester?

  78. Maria says:

    Is the father really the molester? I know she changes the names of the characters.
    I find it interesting that her character changes all of the “normal” men into something “extra-ordinary”, but her father is only person is something less than desirable even in her blog; but, she clearly worships him.
    There is also the question of why she blocked out the time before he was kicked out.
    These questions just left me wondering if the father was really the one who molested her.

    • Rick says:

      I felt the father might have been the molester too…I thought the ending was perfect especially when they showed the supposedly the real characters depicted in the blog

  79. Jamie says:

    Did anybody realize that the the stepdad didn’t change characters in the end? Everyone else had a true identity but he was the same guy. In fact, the only older man in her life that she never expressed any interest in…

  80. Amanda says:

    This is not a true story! I wondered as many of you did and looked it up. If it was true, the author would have mentioned that it was based on a true story. I agree with one of the posters that the ending seemed disjointed. If it was a true story it would have made complete sense. What the ending did achieve was a bigger interest in the book/movie: evidenced by the fact that you all are talking about it. I know this Is YA fiction meant to be a cautionary tale but that ending, especially in the light of it NOT being a true story, felt wrong. There was not enough information from the private investigator. Little scraps like her friend being a drug addict and such seem pointless.

    Ok maybe I’m a little too old to join the YA conversation. I liked the movie and am interested in writing YA fiction.

  81. Rebekah Webster says:

    i understand it now. When Katie (Amy) started the blog she admitted to changing names and some details about what was actually happening so that nobody would suspect her. So at the end when it’s an update, and you get the feeling that the movie is based off a real person, it’s not, it’s the real world. It’s Katie’s (Amy’s) mother telling us that Katie was Amy this whole time and that she has disappeared. It went that way with the movie so that none of us would suspect that it was really Amy. Throughout the entire movie we see it through Katie (the fake name) eyes, in her own world created with the blog, and not through Amy (the real girl), the people at the end of the movie were the real people in Amy’s life. And even as I’m writing this out on paper it doesn’t make sense, but at the same time I feel like thats what the ending was.

  82. John says:

    Whole movie is us, the viewer, seeing Katies story as the blog readers see it. At the end, characters are different because they are real and not what Katie has shown us. Because she has not used bank or phone, she must be dead. Suspects include ex bf, Paul, suicidal guy, Justin long character, the guy who molested her, and bookstore guy. Or her own suicide. Paul is likely because he wrote that creepy top ten list. And also has a lot to lose. Book store guy is also likely because of his history and interaction with her. Like when he looked door and shut blinds and looked around outside. And was very quick to offer her a place to live and even take care of her baby. So who called her from blocked number.

    So Paul or book guy? I say book guy would be better able to meet up with her without making others suspicious like Paul. Plus book guy could hide body on his garage room.

    But her last post was about maybe going to live with book guy. Which would incriminate him.

    It’s not her writing at the end and pretending to be her mom. Because when she did it before they showed her after we hear the moms voice. Plus that doesn’t explain different characters at the end.

    Final idea is that a blog reader did it. Plenty of them disapproved of her. But why would she meet up with one of them after a blocked phone call. It’s possible a reader found out her address or phone number and then called her and manipulated her into meeting up

    My money is on an older male blog reader. Got her number and called and charmed her in to meeting up with him. Given that she had no remaining lovers, she took him up on it. Went to meet him. Ultimately he killed her.

    Just my thoughts

  83. Bill says:

    I am surprised no one has figured this out. Notice that the similarity between Dan and the Author? So here is my solution. The Author had an affair with this 18 year old girl when he had a serious girlfriend. Just as he is getting engaged he has a last fling with the girl and she gets pregnant, When he finds out, probably by reading her blog which she has told him about he realizes he has a big problem with only one solution. Who else would she go running to at that late hour? The reason the married man said he did not have sex with her is because he didn’t. That was a made up part of the story to cast suspicion away from Dan. Notice how a lot of people suspect Paul instead of Dan.

    Also interesting is no one in Katie’s life knows who Paul is. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  84. Julie says:

    I wonder if this is what authors are doing to make ‘young adults’ think? The ending of this film is unsatisfying…just as ‘An Imperial Affliction’ was so unsatisfying in The Fault in our Stars. Both novels are in the category of Young Adult. Maybe young adults are meant to debate these things by the authors…and both books are Novels.

  85. Tony says:

    I really believe all of these posts and comments are missing the point the author is trying to get across. It’s not a true story in the fact that this girl had all these particular things happen to her, but that a story like this can and does happen to young women all the time. The fact is there are many women who were abused, fatherless, raped, grew up in dysfunctional families, etc. And who are now confused, searching, curious about a healthy sexual relationship, depressed, and basically wondering where and how they fit in. Yeah, some of them even write a blog to try to figure things out. Some of them commits suicide, others disappear and change their identity, or they get kidnapped by some whacko who rapes and murders them. I don’t have to dig too deep to know what the story means to me.

  86. A says:

    I’ve been reading the other comments and one struck out the most against the others. It was the one where she posed as her mother pretending she went missing etc. I mean come on it would make the most sense because if she wanted to stop blogging and narrate her every move for her audience why not fake it? I mean she is a reckless teenager right? Anyways, I loved the movie and quite frankly, the men seemed too much chicken shits to kill her anyway and the possibility of her old neighbor doing it seemed even more far fetched. If I was his age [which had to be either really old or dead] I wouldn’t kill her it just wouldn’t make sense. Saying that the movie was excellent and compelling I’d totally recommend it. ~A

    • piece.of.mi.lyf says:

      I didn’t know what I was about to watch when I turned on this film. I’m in my early late 20’s-30’s. I have a 14 year old son. Do the math. I look, still ,very much like Britt Robinson in size body type hair color..every way way really. she is actually in her mid 20’s playing a 17-18 year old in ” ask me anything” I often get mistaken as my son’s hot older sister. We are very close. I’m a strict but fun mom. I was not promiscuous with older men when I was Katie’s age. I stuck to age appropriate boys. Well my bf when I was 17 was a 23 year old chef. But dated only for a little while. And no he is not my sons father. We never had sex. If anything I always had a boyfriend as a teen. Sometimes they over lapped. Didn’t have sex with most of them. I finished college. Have a great life. I support my son on my own & do it well.
      I tell you bits and pieces about my life to give you a possible insight into Katie’s future. One less grim then kidnapping and murder. Within the first 15 minutes of watching the film I turned to my the way he is my soul mate. Been together 5 years now. Healthy supportive relationship it took me a long time to learn to find in a male partner, I said to him ” she was molested or raped as a kid”.we were just a gew momenys into film.Nothing in the film pointed to this directly yet. But whatever the author experienced in her life or as an artful observer of life , got the essence of a girl who has been violated at a young age by a trusted man correct. I saw myself right away. Down to the grossing out boys in middle school when the other girls would have been trying to attract them. We don’t see this in the film but Katie references it on one of her introspective walks. Long after my suspicions of molestation were confirmed. So I remain as anonymous as Katie. I have not run from my mother and step father into oblivion quite like Katie. No , my stepfather was not my abuser. My mother was and still is oblivious as Katie’s mom was described. My abuser was never charged. For I had no advocate and I only began admitting it to others in bits and pieces in past few years. It is a huge part of who I am. My strength, my weakness. At a younger age a bizarre mix of innocence and too much awareness of the evils around us always. Something my peers where blissfully ignorant of. A gift of childhood I never got to know. I think the first time I knew Katie’s struggles at that time in her life stemmed from being violated as a young girl was when she was having flashbacks of invoice to childhood memories during sex. It’s hard for me to believe the author did not get violated her self to get that just right. I had sex way later then most if my friends. I was 17. With a bf I had been dating for 5 months . I think that was how long. It’s was Columbus day. I did not have sex with him because of young love. I just wanted to get it over with. Not a normal girls first driving force behind her first time. At least not from listening to my friends reasons for giving it up over the 4 years prior at stupid sleepovers gushing about boys they were hopelessly in love with for about a week. My bf was older but not like Katie’s. I was 17 he should have been in 3rd year of college but he was manager of the local blockbuster!! So I lost my virginity to blockbuster boy on Colombus day. No sparks. No ecstasy. Just weird flash backs of my childhood. Happy times. Not the bad times. I didn’t get the connection then. I actually didn’t think about it til I watched the movie. There is still so much about young me that I am only piecing together now as a healthy happy thriving adult with a child of my own. My unexpected child. Who came before I was ready.or grounded in any way. A child I was scared to keep but couldn’t abort. But for whatever reason, I knew was to be his mom. From the first moment I knew he was meant to be. No blockbuster boy is not the dad. I only slept with 4 people before I got pregnant. None of them age inappropriate but certainly not worth me. I struggled financially at times. In beginning. But never as his mom. I knew how to protect him. I instantly began making better decisions for myself for him. He saved me. I nurtured him. Gave him the childhood I never had. In many ways ran from my former life. I have zero Facebook or social media presence like Katie by the end of the movie. I keep my life as private as possible. Not even my email is attached to my real name. I did write a letter later in life to my abuser. I stay hidden. My abuser is now an old man. Too old to hurt me. I don’t know if I stay hidden as far as being easily found listed on line or phone book . My house not in my name. Because of him finding me or just this nagging feeling if not wanting to be found. But like Katie …I did disappear in many ways. and it all started when I decided to have my child. A fistincy need to put distance from my former life. We have a great life to protect a new life. So to those of u wondering if Katie is in a ditch. I think maybe she is a mom. Living her life on her terms. Finding out how to heal by nurturing new life. Correcting wrongs that she couldn’t control by making sure her child never knows that pain. Healing finding herself to get to where I am now. Just an outsiders -inside perspective. I thank the author. I’m still healing. Once your life stops being chaotic…that’s when memories , reasons why you were troubled become clear. So I got comfort from the film. Each time I get to look at my childhood and make a connection to who I am now. It helps. Katie’s not real. But it helps with the isolation I felt as a kid that I carried with me for so long. Healing is a long process but to all who wonder about katie…I could not have turned out better. I help others as a profession:) not how u may be thinking. My childhood is still a secret to most. But I do make sure to put good out into the world. Helps even out the bad 😉

  87. anne mellinger says:

    I loved the movie but have questions is the story real?
    Is amy real what happened to her did they ever find her

  88. L says:

    I don’t know if anyone will read this or not. It doesn’t matter; it is cathartic just to express my thoughts. This will be long, but stay with me.

    I am a very analytical, bookish person. The main character is basically my polar opposite by every imaginable comparison. I hope my writing style, choppy and hopefully free of mechanical (spelling/grammar) mistakes will attest to that. Honest disclosure: I sought this movie for a cheap erotic escape into my own anti-persona; it had the cover art, leading beauty, and taglines to hook me…sex sells! The synopsis I read mentioned was extremely brief and mentioned nothing of pathological relationships with older men, violent boyfriends, and childhood molestation. I thought this was going to be light and fun for me.

    Based on my original motivation, I hated this movie initially and begrudgingly accepted it until the last 30 minutes. From that point on, I was hooked, and the ending helped me “transcend” (to borrow from a theme)! For anyone who hated the ending simply because you wanted better for her, I truly feel sorry for you. I meet people like you on an annual basis; it’s not wrong to want better for her. It is arrogant to assume that you should control the ending to your own predictable conclusions. The foreshadowing was actually there (her blog commenters, her dangerous choices in men, her family history) but most of us were too clumsy to see it; this movie will help sharpen your senses! If you are unable to leave your comfort zone, then you will probably merely exist in a life even more boring than that of an analytic, bookish sot like myself. I don’t wish you unhappiness and ignorance is bliss, so I hope you don’t read this. However, if you were able to see past your own predictable and stubborn expectations, you’d see how powerful the message of the movie was to kids of her ilk. Because there is a highly likely chance that Katie is dead due to incredibly tragic, poor choices, the message is this: Life is usually cruel and/or harsh. You don’t just “wing it” out of a big hole you’ve crawled into with 5 minute life lessons narrated to the tune of a heart-warming song an an ensuing montage. That is not reality, not for 99.99% of the bell curve.

    That said, the ending is completely open to interpretation, which is beautiful, not unlike Christopher Nolan movies or Donnie Darko. It’s suggested that this book/movie is extremely, extremely, loosely based on a true story. The author has mentioned that the book was inspired by someone she knew; that’s an intentionally vague statement to say it is merely tangential to a few true events, probably even less connected than some of Katie’s blog posts are to events in the movie. That doesn’t mean this story exists only in nightmares (or in happy dreams depending on your interpretation of the ending and your own personality). The ending is not designed to make you comfortable, though, it’s designed to send your mind racing…God bless the internet! Individually, people are clumsy in their thinking, myself included; we tend to crave absolutes and stubbornly adhere to our own interpretations. As a collective, we are brilliant because we can cover all possibilities and discuss their merits versus demerits.

    Thanks to your contributions, here are some discussed possibilities and collected thoughts. This brilliant small group has made many excellent thought-provoking points and I’ve added a few of my own sprinkles (penny for your sprinkles?):

    -Amy was killed by Mr. Solage
    This seems to be the most popular possibility, here and elsewhere. There are problems, though. Mr. Solage was noted as old when Amy was young. From superficial inspection of her memories, he didn’t look overly healthy (I’d put him one tier above the condition of Amy’s dad before his death..who might have lived another 5-10 years had he not slipped). He might just be a ghost in Amy’s mind that shows up whenever she throws herself into another tragic attempt at romance by sex. We also have no confirmation that Amy actually stamped and properly addressed the envelope. For all we know, Amy putting the envelope in a blue postal box could have been an independent therapeutic exercise she concocted (she could have left off either or both addresses or improperly addressed it, intentionally or unintentionally, she is very good at using deception as a form of anonymity).

    -Amy was killed by Professor Dan the man um err video store manager
    Boy, was this guy ever doomed to be a loser from the start, even with his fake job (teaching film at a community college? how would students benefit from that?). This is the second most popular interpretation, and he seems to be the most feasible suspect if it was absolute that she was murdered. The other guy had monumentally more to lose if caught in a murder…if caught in an affair he would still have his success and see his son. Further, Dan seemed to lose it when she told him about Paul; his pride was hurt because Paul was as tragically dangerous as him but better as a man in every way (they had the same serious predatory faults, so those cancel out). However, he claims that she never actually told him about the pregnancy, which brings up something interesting… Everyone the PI talked to as a person of interest had a light pink rose-colored version of the story. Did Amy tell the truth or did they? Human nature is fairly consistent and the desire to avoid consequences, both just and unjust, is strongly bred into our genes and culture. All interviewees corroborated most of her story because, of course, that would lend credibility to their own. They contradicted one crucial detail in their version compared to her story, though, to avoid suspicion (which is suspicious!). This was likely intentional to blur the theoretical lines from pointing to one specific suspect or to any suspect. There were 2 possible patterns: Amy makes a crucial lie on her blog about mostly true stories or these men consistently omit or deny a crucial truth about their mostly true interactions with Amy.

    -KATIE made up Amy and ran off with her friend Joel for romance or blissful Platonism (since romance is toxic in her world thanks to the scumbag Solage)
    This seems to be the third most popular theory but not that far below the second. Admittedly, this is my favorite possibility. If you don’t feel immensely sorry for Katie at some point in this movie, then you are either sociopathic or extremely disinterested in the movie (I’d guess the former…if you were the latter, why would you be here reading?). Everyone wanted things to get better for Katie, and the heart strings get that familiar tug with Glenn’s generous offers to help just before a bombshell gets dropped. Plus, Joel is a very likeable character for people like me. While I’m not depressed, I definitely have introverted bouts, so I identify with him as the underrated accessory character of the story. If you are still hopelessly clinging to that recent warmth, then this is probably the best ending for you. There are some holes in this possibility, but all of them stem from the assumption that the last blog entry is truthful. Also, Britt Robertson is listed as “Katie Kampenfelt” in the credits rather than “Katie/Amy” (although this could be an oversight).

    The ultimate lingering question for me is the veracity of the last blog entry. If the last entry is true, then everything else is tainted by lie. If the last entry is false, then you might think the blog is consistent, but you might be wrong. Most of her other entries were sprinkled with lie but mostly truthful. This post does not allow for that option. It is vastly different from the others. It suggests someone lied…her or one of the other characters. No other post left such a dichotomy…in fact, we got the exact opposite. We saw a story on its face, with no suggestion of a tipping point that leads the reader to ask whether she was lying. This new tone to the last post leads me to sadly believe the final entry is real. If it is real, then she is probably dead. Neither her nor Joel would have the means to survive without money, and she would probably have popped up on at least one radar. The last inkling hope is that maybe Glenn lied to the PI about her whereabouts because he has helped her start over and is obeying her wishes for her past ties to remain severed….that’s weak but it’s the only glimmer I can leave.

    Anyhow, that was a lot…if anyone else does read this you might want to explore the unlikelihood or likelihood of the following less popular scenarios:

    -Glenn is actually a sinister individual. Her parents were right about him, and he killed Amy. I’m guessing most of his warming story at the end is re-told as his version of events only because she wouldn’t have had time to blog them before she went missing on the walk home.

    -Joel killed Amy because of his unstable mentality. He has no fear of the consequences for himself, having tried to commit suicide twice. He probably had at least some feelings for Amy still, and was trying to use the old “friend zone” (ack…a doomed plan from the start) to maneuver his way into the life of a girl he had no chance with.

    -Amy’s boyfriend’s darkside was real. Her parents weren’t in the room when he had her by the throat, so they only know that things got heated. They don’t even know he was close to strangling her. While she told him about Dan, she never mentioned Paul. He may have become even angrier if he discovered the blog and done something to end her life. This would be truly sociopathic rather than impassioned, though, as the blog would have told him about the pregnancy. He strikes me as more of a potential heat of the moment killer with that temper, rather than a sociopathic serial killer.

    -Amy was killed by Paul (honestly, this one is possible but boring to me)…if you want it, go for it.

    • Todd says:

      First I will say I am very imprested with your analogy of the movie. I’m guessing from your conection to Katie/Amy you are about the same age as her. Though you are very thorough in your analogy there are some things I think you missed.

      Mr. Solagie: You question wether him molesting her actually happened. I think this is illustrated by every time she has sex she goes back to that time in her life in her mind. After all she did confess that she actually enjoyed it. Which is very sad in itself. And I don’t think that he killed her. To far in age.

      I don’t think Joel did it, as he was in a mental institution when she disappeared.

      Her on again off again boyfriend I don’t think would have killed her. Though he admittedly had a temper had no reason to kill her.

      The only two I can justifiably think would have a reason to kill her would be Dan or Paul.

      Dan was engaged and wanted to end things. And with the ensuing pregnancy it threatened his world.

      As far as Paul, and I get that it is the most boring conclusion for you. He has the most to lose. He is successful, married and a newborn of his own.

      Remember that Dan and Paul were the last two she contacted. Dan, she left the note in his mail box to call her. And Paul she messaged after talking to the book store owner when she was walking home.

      Overall I think the writer, Allison Burnette, did a brilliant job of writing. She left it to where it made you think. And it also left her,Katie/Amy, were abouts open. So if she wanted to she could revisit the character and write a second book based on her. Which I personally would like to see her do. Maybe Amy actually did go off and start a life for herself. Leaving her past behind her.

  89. lisa says:

    I honestly thought this movie was amazing i don’t usually leave comments on these sorts of things but i found myself researching right after i finished the movie. I fell in love with the main character or “Katie” she’s a real badass, she seems like a great friend. Also “Jade” i found quite interesting especially because she could really talk about anything with “Katie” and not judge her for any of her actions. Even though she banged her ex she was still quite cool. “Paul” did confuse me i thought he wasn’t a great guy for her and she should’ve never slept with him but i kind of saw it coming. I hope she cut it off with him right after she ran away. I really hope she got her life together and is happy even though we get left suspicious. I loved this movie.

  90. Johnnas says:

    I find it interesting to note most assume some vile ending to the story. This is, in large part, due to the denouement. I think, though, that the true denouement came just minutes before when she asked herself if she had the ability to choose to live for herself, without all of the trappings of her life.

    I can see why she wanted to escape it. In the end, it would appear that the only relationship that she had that wasn’t toxic was the one with Sheen’s character.

    The mother’s worry??? Well, let the self-righteous be damned…*shrug*

  91. sally says:

    I watched this movie titled “ask me anything” yesterday. I chose to watch this movie because of the description: a young woman blogs about her sexual experiences. This is the same reason that I’ve been watching Masters of Sex – I want to see some insight into sexual disfunction. When I first learned that the main character was a decade younger than myself, I became disappointed because I questioned the relevance to my search for self understanding. As I continued watching, captivated by the main actress’ performance, I was pleasantly surprised that the central theme hit straight home for me. I cringed with discomfort for the first sex scene with the thirty-two year old – the sort of forcing myself to face my own discomfort through the eyes of someone else. The movie’s description ask me anything, I’ll tell you about sex – my intent was oh good I’ll see what it’s like for “someone normal”. I was watching and seeing that she was enjoying it (I was thinking ew I wouldn’t be my mind would be somewhere else) – then she had some flashbacks to childhood & STOPPED enjoying it. The thirty -two year old said “you always do that and smiled a charming smile and said your loss”. The main character had already said all he wants to do is please me and I thought aw…this is sweet (ironic because I related to this character so much). Then I found out he was a real creep who actually treated her like crap. Somehow me & her don’t realize this until later. I always wondered what the flash backs she has during sex were about bc they weren’t about the neighbor who abused her. Sadly, the character in the movie is ten years younger than me…and I can’t say that things have gotten any better for me. And I recently was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.
    Something that I think the main character may have had.
    Hmmm…not sure what my take home that I was seeking is. Was not expecting to relate as much as I did.
    People – please protect your children from sexual abuse, it’s quite devastating.

  92. Kubeth says:

    wonderful movie. Beautiful performance by her. interesting , and i could watch for another 5hrs.

    Is it real story?

  93. mary says:

    I just watched the movie on Netflix. I have to say i thought it was true by the ending. Great writing and movie done the book justice. Now everyone is arguing on here about mr. Whatever book store owner is the neighbor. But now prepare to be enlightened. The phn call came from an anonymous number. It says that her friend (the one she was close too since forever)had an anonymous number… now boyfriend screwed the bestie… thats why we dont ever see her again in the movie. Now watch any news from any state or country. It happenes every day damn near. I think the bestie was still sleeping with the boyfriend. When he told her that she was pregnant and had told him she had been sleeping around, i believe the bestie went and lurred her away and they “got rid of her”. Make sense dont it? True storys happen like that every day…. i think the ex was jealous, bestie was jealous that rhe ex bf was still messing with her and it ended up in a triangle. Oh and hea the main one who loses his temper and threatened her. Even engaged boy just broke it off and threw her out. He haf anger probs she was the old beatie. Bam… leathal combination. Hope everyone enjoyed the movie! I know i did! But as always books are always better :)

  94. Dangeriss says:

    It’s all been said…

    My theory;
    The ending is the true depiction of her (Amy’s) real life. We were watching a fabrication as we so often do through social media, the glamourised version (hot guys, cool clothes, bff, bubble gum) of “Katy’s” online life through the viewers lens. The content of Amy’s blogs were honest, but what the viewer saw was schematic. Paul -stood to lose the most, he ripped up the “birthday poem” because he didn’t want anyone (his wife) to ever know, when Amy got pregnant, he did away with her… As has happened many times in “real” life.. Amy loved Paul the most, she told video/professor guy whilst having sex that she was in love with him & her naïveté was her downfall… There was never going to be anything. I am fairly certain in my mind that it was rationally, Paul.

    However my body was telling me it was Martin Sheen’s character, he gave me shudders, when he closed the blinds ;I thought something nasty would happen, it didn’t & then again by the car (I shuddered again) thinking … Something’s going to happen, I “felt” he was sinister but there was no follow through, just a vibe..

    So many scenarios people have put forth, it was a thought provoking movie (albeit tragic and unfortunately for some.. A realistic ending)… I work with offenders in my real life.

  95. cat says:

    How do we know anything written is real? Yes, we see a different cast of characters at the end of the movie but is it simply what readers are picturing? In the movie, “Paul” says all sex has consequences most of them dire. Also, every person is a contradiction. So, the blog could simply be a girl trying to come to terms with her life in a more positive way, i.e. the cards from her father), a completely fictitious account, or a mix of the two. I find it interesting that no one else had noticed that when she mentions blogging and her mother takes an interest, she says she would never find it. So, how would the mother know where to post or even have access to post? Finally, it could simply have been the mother typing the whole time. Maybe her daughter went missing and she used a blog to get interest generated and the word out. We assume because they show the girl typing that she is the actual narrator. I believe the main theme is that nothing can be taken at face value and that everything is open to interpretation. Overall, a very thought provoking experiment and how you feel it ends says more about you than the author.

  96. Emmi says:

    Just watched this shocking twist. To start off with I just wanna say I’m stumped,it left me hanging. The thing is I have so many questions, the whole time I was watching I almost jumped off my seat. The first question I really honestly want to know is, is this based off a real story? Also who’s the father? Does she abort it? Does anyone ever figure out where she went? Did Mr.Salagie ever get the letter? More importantly did he ever touch her? I know I have so many questions and I want so many answers but I just really want to know it’s more of a need than a want. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment I hope someone can respond to it with accurate answers.

    • Todd says:

      First there are no answers to your questions other than it is based on a book. The writer and director of the movie wrote the book. And as annoying as it is, cuz I have the same questions, is the brilliance of the writing. She left so many things unanswered, making you think. As far as the ending, it leaves the ability to revisit the character cuz you don’t really know what happened to her. I hope the writer does go back and writes another book based on the character. That she is ok. And did go off truly live her life.

  97. Rob says:

    The movie and the book it was based on are fictional. I’m sure the author got the exact response she was looking for – chaos and questioning. We’re too used to Hollywood endings.

  98. tiff says:

    loved the movie! watched it by chance on netflix. i actually loved the ending, kept me in suspense! had to go find out if it was a true story or not. definitely going to buy the book. +1 :)

  99. Meggan says:


    I just watched Ask me anything. Found it so intriguing however I would really like to know what happened to Amy Grantham and who called her??

  100. Jenny says:

    She must have left the hole situation, she is in a new town and has had her babygirl. Ive left before in my life..shes happy now, living with a wonderful life be happy for her!! Amen Amen.


  101. Dorworth says:

    I’m not lost in any one the story, i believe Christian Slater’s character did it since he had the most to lose.. Also judging by the movie he probably has the most money to do it.. My confusion is, is it or is it not a true story? Because I looked up both names online and can find nothing besides info on the movie itself.. Either way i was NOT expecting the ending..

  102. Ross says:

    OK- here’s what happened:
    Do you remember the part in the movie when the main character Katie wrote the email to her therapist pretending to be her mother saying that she had found another therapist? And as we heard more of the email being read aloud, the movie eventually showed us that Katie was actually the one writing the email only pretending to be her mother? Well, the conclusion of the film that was supposedly being written on the blog by Katie’s mother saying that she had received a phone call and then suddenly disappeared and everything was actually Katie writing the end of her blog herself! She wrote it that way to end her blog in a dramatic yet decisive way so that her readers would go on with their lives and forget about her because they actually believed that something had happened to her. While the movie does not specifically say that Katie ended up taking the job (for the 2nd time) at the book store and started living above the owner’s home, it is most likely that that is exactly what happened. Again, there was no phone call from a blocked number and she did not go missing. Think about it, no one in the movie hated her! In fact, everyone loved her lol. Disregard the pregnancy. We don’t know who the father was, we don’t know if she was gonna keep it or not. And, it doesn’t matter because all she did was find a clever way to end her blog and the director used a creative way for the viewer to see the movie from the eyes of the people that were supposedly reading her blog. Get it?? Hope this true explanation makes sense to some people and they can feel better knowing that the girl in the movie probably lived happily ever after…but did most definitely not get harmed. This movie was NOT based on a true story (nor was the book).

  103. Valerie says:

    Gosh where was I when this movie came out? My husband & I just finished watching on a cable channel. Wow! Beautifully done! Great cast, the characters were truly defined & soooo believable. I too, found myself wondering if it was based on the truth. No matter, just a great movie!!! Congratulations Ms. Burnett… so talented!
    So enjoyed reading comments from you too, ” The Writing Nut” great blogs. Love ya! (Even though I was alittle late on this one. Ha Ha )

  104. Nicole says:

    I HAVE ANSWERS!!!! :)

    1- the movie IS NOT BASED ON A TRUE STORY, it is based on a book, that was written to look like a real story as a cautionary tale.

    2- THE ENDING. Although the writer left it open to many possibilities. There is only one the full makes sense in all aspects. The married guy she was nannying for (and having an affair with) killed her.
    She had a plan fully set up to run away to, with the bookstore guy, he varieties it even, so if she wanted to runaway she would’ve taken the free rent and chill job route.
    She made no indication of suicide, and had set up a full plan for her life that she was excited about so I doubt that.
    It absolutely was not the old guy who abused her as a child, she mentioned he’s so old now he could even have passed away. Definitely wasn’t him.

    On a hopeful note she could have written the ending pretending to be her mom (like she did for the psychologists note) but it’s unlikely because of the excessive detail of emotion the Mom goes into. And also the reveal of her real name, she didn’t want her real mom to find the blog so she would not want to reveal all of that.. (We know Amy was her real name too because of an earlier scene where she let her real name slip) Her mom accessed the blog from her computer since she went missing before she could hide it on her computer.

    It was the married guy she nannied for. She texted him that she needed to tell him something, pretty obvious what that would be given their affair. . (About the baby she had decided she probably wanted to keep) so it would make sense that he would call her after that text to meet up. That’s the last she was seen. Then we see that he lied to the cops about the whole affair. Denying, because he doesn’t want to look suspect. (And she didn’t lie about it because it was the premise of drama with several other characters, who warned her to stop) it’s a cautionary tale about getting involved with married men to solve emotional issues from past abuse.
    Its saying to seek help for emotional issues from your past, don’t take it out by fooling around with married men who would do anything to keep the affair hidden.

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