Last week I went to a FREE conference.  Without taking time off from work.  And I learned loads of helpful, awesome stuff about self-publishing.

How in the world did I manage that?

Thanks to IndieReCon and its AMAZING Founders and Organizers!


I heard about the first ever IndieReCon from one of my bloggy friends and decided to register. I’ve been thinking about self-publishing for awhile now and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to learn more about it (and maybe a blatant sign that being an Indie might be for me).

And I’m so glad I did. I learned loads of important indie info and I now know the specific steps to take to launch an indie career.

It was the perfect conference to attend for busy, (and not so rich) writers like myself. The conference was free of charge and had a flexible schedule. The presenters uploaded posts on various Indie topics every hour, so it was easy for me to check on the website and read the posts if I had time. There were also a few online chats and video presentations which I found very useful.  And if I was super busy at work and missed out on some of the posts, I was easily able to catch up when I got home.

I learned about the pros and cons of self-publishing, and the actual costs and basics of self-publishing (pricing, distribution, formatting, ISBN’s, etc). I also learned how to create my own business plan, how to market my work, and even how to create audiobooks! 

The presenters were all big names in the Indie industry and they held nothing back when it came to sharing helpful information and experiences with the participants. I could tell that the organizers and presenters of IndieReCon wanted nothing more than to share their knowledge about self-publishing—and to encourage future indie authors like themselves.

I’d like to applaud and thank these wonderful IndieReCon Presenters for their topnotch posts:

(Presenters’ bios were taken from the website)

Angela Ackerman is one half of The Bookshelf Muse blogging duo, and co-author of The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression.

Stacey Wallace Benefiel is the author of the Zellie Wells trilogy, the Penny Black trilogy, the Day of Sacrifice series, The Toilet Business – a collection of humorous essays, and multiple short stories.

Darcie Chan is the author of The Mill River Recluse, a self-published debut novel that has
become a word-of-mouth e-book sensation. With over 650,000 copies sold, The Mill RiverRecluse appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists for more than 28 weeks
and became a heartwarming favorite of readers across the country.

Ali Cross is the sensei of the Writer’s Dojo where she holds a black belt in awesome. She lives in Utah with her kickin’ husband, two sparring sons, one ninja cat, two sumo dogs and four zen turtles.

Lori Culwell is the author of five books, including her debut novel, Hollywood Car Wash, which was originally self-published and went to be bought and re-released by Simon & Schuster.

Indie author & illustrator Alicia Kat Dillman is a life long resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. Kat illustrates and designs book covers & computer game art by day and writes teen fiction by night.

Duolit is Shannon (the author) and Toni (the geek), two gals who have helped thousands of passionate indie authors publish their work and build their crazy-dedicated fan base.

Amy Edelman is a publicist and a writer.  She self-published her first book, “The Fashion Resource Directory”, back in the 80s, long before POD and Amazon and e-readers roamed the land.

Melissa Foster is the award-winning author of three International bestselling novels, a community builder for the Alliance of Independent Authors, and a touchstone in the indie publishing arena.

Barbara Freethy is a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, who has sold over 2 million ebooks since January 2011.

Joel Friedlander (@JFBookman) is an award-winning book designer, a blogger, and the author of A Self-Publisher’s Companion: Expert Advice for Authors Who Want to Publish. He’s been launching the careers of self-publishers since 1994 and writes, a popular blog on book design, book marketing and the future of the book. Joel is also the founder of the online training course, The Self-Publishing Roadmap.

Brittany Geragotelis, a former Olympic-bound gymnast and magazine editor, is a self-professed pop culture junkie turned author. Her paranormal action book, Life’s a Witch, received 19 million reads on the writing site Wattpad, before she sold the series to Simon & Schuster.

By day, Jessie Harrell is an appellate lawyer. By night, she’s a wife, mother of two, and author/lover of all things Greek mythology. Destined is her first novel. The companion short story, Before, is free on most sites.

I’ll never give up on querying and trying to get published traditionally, but I also will definitely be working on getting my Indie career started.

And thanks to the amazing ladies behind IndieReCon, I am not only convinced me of the viability of the Indie life, I’m also armed with the knowledge I’ll need to get started on this writing career.  

A HUGE thank you to these  AWESOME Organizers of IndieReCon. I’d hug you all if I could, but for now I’ll have to content myself with sending you virtual hugs and my gratitude for your hard work.

You girls ROCK.

(The following pictures and bios were taken from


S.R. Johannes 
Blog Twitter Facebook Goodreads

SR Johannes

S.R. Johannes is the author of Amazon bestselling Nature of Grace series (a teen wilderness thriller, Untraceable andUncontrollable) and a tween paranormal, On The Bright Side. S.R. Johannes was recently nominated in the YA category as Georgia Author of the Year. She is also the 2012 winner of the IndieReader Discovery Awards for young adult and a finalist in The Kindle Book Review’s Best Indie Book (YA).



Ali Cross 

Ali Cross

Blog Twitter Facebook Goodreads Google+

Ali Cross is the sensei of the Writer’s Dojo where she holds a black belt in awesome. She lives in Utah with her kickin’ husband, two sparring sons, one ninja cat, two sumo dogs and four zen turtles.





Heather McCorkle Heather McCorkle

Blog Twitter Facebook Wattpad Goodreads

Heather is an author of young adult fantasy, in all its many sub-genres. Helping other writers and supporting fantastic authors is one of her passions. As a native Oregonian, she enjoys the outdoors almost as much as the worlds and characters she creates. You can find her on the sites listed above, or on Twitter Monday nights for the #WritersRoad chat that she co-moderates.



Laura Pauling 

Laura Pauling

Blog Twitter Facebook Goodreads

Laura Pauling writes for all ages where the real and the incredible combine in heart stopping adventures. She lives out her desire for travel and excitement in her young adult Circle of Spies Series: A Spy Like Me andHeart of an Assassin. Her middle grade How To Survive Ancient Spells and Crazy Kings is available now.

She’d say that living her life of a suburban mom/author complete with minivan carpools, soccer games, and home-baked snicker doodles are really a cover for her exciting life of secret missions and covert operations, but she’d be lying. She loves living in New England with her husband and children. She has yet to find someone who can beat her at Boggle.


 Cheri Lasota Cheri Lasota

Blog Twitter Facebook Goodreads Google+

Author Cheri Lasota has been a writer since she was eight. Whether poetry, short stories, screenplays and novels, she can’t get enough of tossing words together in a hopefully logical fashion. From a young age, Cheri realized she had a knack for editing as well, so she worked for three newspapers culminating in a position as editor-in-chief of her university weekly.

In 2004, she began a freelance career as a fiction editor and finally made time to finish her debut novel, a YA historical fantasy, Artemis Rising. Cheri also offers enhanced ebook design services to indie authors.

Currently, Cheri is madly working on her second YA, Echoes in the Glass, set on the Oregon Coast.
Jessie Harrell

Jessie Harrell

Blog Website Twitter Facebook

By day, Jessie Harrell is an appellate lawyer. By night, she’s a wife, mother of two, and author/lover of all things Greek mythology. She’s a native Floridian, frustrated world traveler, unrepentant dreamer, lover of acoustic music and not-so-closet geek. Destined is her first novel. The companion short story, Before, is free on most sites. Her short story I Come Bearing Souls appears in the Two and Twenty Dark Tales anthology.


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14 Responses to “IndieReCon”

  1. unikorna says:

    Good luck with your publishing plans :). You have some very interesting friends :).

  2. Shelly says:

    I had technical difficulties getting there. So I’ll be reading the notes.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  3. Heard it was an awesome event!

  4. I’m thinking of self-publishing a book this year. I love the freedom one gets with this kind of project.

  5. tcavey says:

    Thanks for this info, something I need to follow up on!
    I still want to pursue traditional publishing, but self publishing is looking better everyday!

  6. I loved IndieReCon too. I’ve still got a few sessions to catch up on. So much awesome info!.

  7. ML Swift says:

    Sounds like a GREAT group, Nutschell. And a good time. I follow a few of those blogs myself, so I know it was informative.

  8. mooderino says:

    I can see this sort of thing becoming more popular. Makes sense to hold conferences online where the most people can get the info they need.


  9. I can’t believe I missed this conference. :( I’m glad you learned a lot though…

  10. Misha says:

    It’s such a pity I missed it. :-( But I’m so far behind after Berlin that it took me most of the month to catch up.

  11. Hilary says:

    Hi Nutschell .. sounds like a great informative time – so pleased you were able to participate and benefit. I love the way you’ve thanked the organisers too and given them all blog-space links … and let us see their bios – a few I see I recognise as I blog around the blogosphere ..

    Congratulations with all your work too … and for letting us know here .. cheers Hilary

  12. Jay Noel says:

    I’m not a self publisher, but sounds like there’s still loads to learn from these gurus. Very cool! I have never heard of this conference before!

  13. Carina Olsen says:

    Ahh, sounds interesting 😀 Seems like you had fun 😉 Thank you for sharing. <3 I still haven't read a self published book. I might not ever do that, since I'm so obsessed with good writing :p but hoping to read some one day :)
    Thank you for commenting on my WoW. <3
    Love, Carina @ Carina’s Books

  14. Akoss says:

    When I found out about this it was already too late to attend or plan time to read any of the posts. I’m glad you share some with us on your blog.
    A lot of writers have been going both ways lately (indie & traditional) so I’m curious and exited to watch your journey. :)

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