Interview with a Tarot Reader

I first mentioned her on my blog when I wrote about the Past Life Reading she gave me. I featured her for my Z post in the 2011 A-Z Blogging challenge, and even wrote a tribute for her on her birthday.

Zamm is my cousin, and a professional tarot card reader. She’s one of the most talented (and fascinating) people I know, and today I get to introduce her to you.

Now, without further delay, I present an interview with Tarot Zamm.



 Tarot Reader Zamm

1. Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your hobbies and interests, hidden talents?

I’m blessed with three great kids and a loving and supportive partner. I have an insatiable hunger for learning – through my daily interactions with people and the wisdom shared by great minds through their books, audios and videos.

I am an intuitive life coach with a mission of helping people find harmony of mind and spirit. I also read the TAROT and sense the energies of people. I’m also able to connect with my spirit guides at a very personal level.

I love to sing, read, watch documentaries, paint (which I haven’t done in years but hopefully I can do again in the near future). I love to watch Bones, Castle, Game of Thrones, Buffy, Angel, Star Trek, etc.

I’d love to think my hidden talent is in cooking, who I am kidding! 😀 I would love to learn how to properly cook which is a far cry from just coming up with something, with whatever ingredients are available.


2. You are a professional tarot card reader. What sort of services do you provide to clients?

Well, the TAROT is a very versatile tool. If you’re into exploring your spirituality and are asking the deeper questions in life, then I can probably help you with that. We can explore your past life, enlighten you about your twin flame, try to ease your pain in losing a loved one through understanding and acceptance, help you deal with a haunting, help you discover more about yourself (present life), bring out that creative spark in you and address the topics of interests (love life, finances, success, projects, etc) – all though the wisdom of the TAROT.


3. What was your career before you became a tarot reader? What made you decide to become a professional tarot reader?

I have over 20 years of work experience in marketing, business development, training, account management and business ownership, in financial services, banking, marketing and advertising, real-estate, the arts, and government service. My employment and self-employment brought me to countries like Turkey, Iran, the UAE and New Zealand.

Becoming a TAROT Reader was never my intention, until a series of events including health concerns “pushed” me to accept this calling. I’ve always wanted to help people, that’s why I’ve always been in the service industry (in the secular world). But now, I serve people as their guide in finding the most important answers that could help them see things differently and move forward. And as an Intuitive Life Coach, I help them uncover the answers that are already within them, and equip them with tools that support positive outcomes from the changes they are undergoing.


office 4

Tarot Zamm’s office/shop

4.How did you learn to read tarot cards? How and when did you discover you had this particular ability?

I learned from watching my mother. She was using ordinary playing cards, which has the same meaning for the TAROT’s court and minor arcana cards. The Major Arcana, which were not represented in the ordinary playing cards, were easy to learn because it tells us the story of the FOOL’s journey to enlightenment.

I discovered I connected well with the cards, starting with the ordinary playing cards, when I would read for friends and family and I would later find out that the reading turned out to be as how I saw them through the cards. I use to have headaches after those readings because I was so young (in my teens).  Then when I had my own business, I would occasionally guide some of my colleagues (again with the ordinary cards) after which they would thank me for helping them discover options they thought would never work, but actually did.

The TAROT, having the major arcana, is obviously richer in symbolisms and opens more doors to many existing possibilities for each of us. It’s up to us to build the bridge.


5. How do tarot cards work exactly? How do they give a person guidance and advice?

This is how I always explain it to my clients before I start their reading:

“When you consult the cards in a TAROT Reading, it will always show you your most probable possibility. Having said that, there are limitless possibilities for each of us out there. However, no matter how small decisions you make, often, it may seem like you are being lead to a certain path.  When you consult the cards, that is the path that you see. It serves like a   road map.  If you like what you see, then proceed.

If you don’t like what you see, then you’ve been empowered by knowing. You can change      it, enhance it or avoid it. What you decide to do with the knowledge you’ve gained from a TAROT Reading is entirely up to you. Nothing is set in stone.

You have to remember that you already possess the most powerful giftyour FREE WILL. The cards, the stars or whatever it is we choose to use is merely a tool. You already  have this immense power within you. Everything else is mere suggestion.”


6. You have many clients all over the world, and they consult you via Skype, or over the phone. How are you able to read their energies, even when you’re thousands of miles apart?

I have never ever thought that distance or lack of physical contact would affect a reading. I guess I’m blessed with being able to tune into one’s energy as soon as I hear a person’s voice.  The voice is like a tuning fork which gives me each person’s unique frequency.  This frequency connects with the cards when I touch them showing me a visual story board of what’s happening to my clients. It’s very intuitive as there is no time to think, the story just unfolds and I have to tell it as I see it.

waiting room

Tarot Zamm’s office/shop


7. What has been your biggest challenge with regards to your abilities? How have you overcome this challenge?

I have always been very blessed with the clients that find their way to me with regard to trusting my ability to effectively  relay their messages. They’ve always expressed gratitude and confirmation of how empowered, clear and hopeful they’ve become after a reading through their feedback and continuous patronage.

The biggest challenge lies within me. I maybe very spiritual but I’m still human and in being human I am prone to doubt how effective I am in guiding and helping people.

I occasionally need to remind myself that I can only show my client the path,  it will be up to him/her to decide whether or not to take it.  It  is not unusual when what is being presented in a  reading is not exactly what the client wants to hear. In  situations like this, the challenge for me is in having faith that my client will choose the right path for him/herself and learn from the consequences of his/her decisions.

This is still a work in progress.


8. Do you consider your ability a gift? How do you help people with this gift?

Of course for the most part, it is a gift.  The ability to paint a picture, through the TAROT, of the different outcomes that await a client gives them a better understanding of their current situation and the commitment required to build the bridge towards getting there.

However being able to sense the energies around a client can on rare occasions leave me drained and with a terrible migraine.  I accept this as an occupational hazard 😀


9. Could you share some memorable experiences you had because of this talent?

Well recently, I have a very important client and he came to me for guidance with regard to applying for his dream post. From the very first session we had I knew he would get it, but I was very honest with the challenges, I saw, he would face.  Every significant development he would come to me and ask for guidance,  and the cards would reveal important personalities and influences at play, which he took to heart and made sure he prepared for. After a few months of waiting, he came back to me with the great news that he got his dream job. He was very thankful and pleased. And so was I for him.



Tarot Zamm’s office/shop

1o. How do your clients find you? Where is your office  located? Where can they reach you online?

I’m quite uncomfortable answering this question so can I just redirect you to some of their feedback?

My office is located within Wellington CBD, otherwise they can visit my websites:

For TAROT Readings:

For Intuitive Life Coaching:

They can also follow me through Facebook and Twitter: /zammtopia and /tarotzamm.


11. What’s a typical day like for a tarot card reader? What’s your usual schedule?

At the moment a typical day for me is divided into studying, readings, coaching, writing and running my business.  I’m completing my PostGrad Diploma in Business and Diploma in Professional Coaching so I spend about 3 to 4  hours a day studying. I spend about 3 to 4 hours a day Reading and Coaching, then I divide the remaining time writing, researching and doing the administrative part of my business.


12. You have a natural talent for tarot reading, but is it possible to learn how to read tarot cards? How would one go about learning this skill?

Definitely, the TAROT can be learned, just like anything else. In fact, I have created the TAROT Wellington Meet-up where I  teach and facilitate TAROT learning to those who are interested for FREE, this is my way of giving back. It also gives me a sense of purpose to help and connect people to the TAROT not just when they need advice but in their daily lives.  They do find the TAROT as an empowering tool.

As in any form of learning, time and commitment is required. And if you have passion for it, then that will take you a very long distance.


13. What advice would you give folks who are interested in the tarot, but are hesitant/afraid to try it?

We have a tendency to be afraid of things personally unbeknownst to us. Hearing scary stories pertaining to the occult and the TAROT being the devil’s tool don’t help either.

We have to set one thing clear here, the TAROT is a tool. As with any kind of tool, it needs to be learned, practiced, and used only with good intentions. Let’s compare it to a fork. We use the fork to eat, but in the wrong hands it can be a deadly weapon. However, we can’t quite use the TAROT as a deadly weapon in that manner, but it can significantly influence your way perspective and beliefs.

My advice, if you want to learn the TAROT, you need an open mind. You cannot be judgmental either.  If a person is pessimistic and fearful by nature, I would advise against you learning or using the TAROT.  But if you are naturally positive and benevolent, then you would be surprise with the wonders the TAROT can reveal to you in learning it.


14. What other projects are you currently working on? Aside from being a tarot card reader, what other services do you provide?

Well as I mentioned earlier I’m also  an Intuitive Life Coach.  Through coaching I  help people in their transitions and desired transformation. I  introduce new tools that  enhance thinking and decision making.

In reading the TAROT  I show you the path to your destination.  In Coaching I help you build the infrastructure needed to arrive at your destination.

In reading the TAROT  I’m like your GPS system, showing you the direction. In Coaching we’re in the same car, you drive and I help you navigate.

Together we plan the trip to find a better, not necessarily easier, road, but one that would definitely make you an excellent driver – as you get closer to your destination.


15. Is there anything else you’d like to share with your readers?

Thanks for your time reading this interview, I hope you learned a thing or two that may be useful to you.

As a parting reminder life is short so try to make the most of it by being responsible for your own happiness and success. Have faith in yourself and your ability to achieve.  Many blessing to you all!


office 3

Tarot Zamm’s office/shop


Thanks for agreeing to do this interview, Zamm!

Tune in this Friday, April 19,2013  for a TAROT GIVEAWAY!

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73 Responses to “Interview with a Tarot Reader”

  1. So awesome Zamm is your cousin. And Wow! She sounds like a fantastic tarot reader if she has a worldwide following. I love that she learned from her mom.

  2. I used to have a Tarot deck a long time ago. I have a friend who reads Tarot cards and takes then very seriously.

    What a nice office space.

  3. tcavey says:

    Didn’t know all that. Learn something new everyday.

  4. The only thing I know about Tarot cards comes from Harry Potter. lol

  5. Definitely learned something new here. I think this kind of thing is so interesting. Great interview!

  6. Robyn Engel says:

    Some people learn the cards and kind-of fake their way through readings. It’s good to know of others like Zamm for whom this is more of a real calling.


  7. Pat Hatt says:

    Quite interesting indeed, never knew much about Tarot before coming to your feed

  8. Josephine Wake says:

    Never done the cards, had my palm read once. From what I remember, quite a bit came true.

  9. Josephine Wake says:

    Sorry my post should have been signed


  10. What a fascinating interview. Thank you for the peek into your world.

  11. This was SO COOL to read. I’ve had a couple of really insightful readings in my life, one which led me to seek out writing.Thanks, Zamm. 😀

  12. Cassie says:

    Fascinating! I want to meet her :)

  13. L.G.Smith says:

    I have a beautiful deck of cards I bought when I was studying faeries. The artwork is by Brian Froud, and I love looking at them. They’ve inspired a story I hope to write when I’m finished with my current WIP. :)

  14. I’ve never had my Tarot Cards read, but it sounds interesting. This was such a different and interesting post, Nutschell. Your cousin is very pretty as well as interesting.

  15. Lexa Cain says:

    What an unusual and interesting interview! I really enjoyed getting to know Zamm. I love that she helps others learn how to use Tarot cards for free – that’s so kind and a great way to give back. :-)

  16. Elise Fallson says:

    What a fascinating interview. I’ve never had a reading done and would be curious to hear what the cards had to say, but I have to admit, I’d be a bit scared at the same time, lol!

  17. That’s an interesting interview.

  18. Jemi Fraser says:

    Very, very interesting. I don’t know much about Tarot other than what I’ve seen on TV (which like all other things is probably 1/2 good info and 1/2 not!) :). It’s a fascinating ability/skill and I hadn’t realized the infor about the most likely path – very cool! Thanks so much for sharing this with us – I’ve learned a LOT! :)

  19. Mary Pax says:

    Thanks for introducing us to Tamm. She is a fascinating woman. I’ve always been interested in Tarot and other forms of spirituality.

  20. I attempted to learn Tarot. Let’s just say it didn’t go well. It just wasn’t my calling, but I still think the concept is cool.

  21. Meradeth says:

    Wow, this was fascinating! Thanks for sharing so much. I’ve always wondered how Tarot worked and all that went into it–very cool job and calling!

  22. Julie says:

    Your cousin Tamm sounds very knowledgeable about her calling. Now thanks to you Nutschell, we all are!

    • jd says:

      I reckon her name is ZAMM, not tamm.. and yes she is very genuine in her dealings with her clients, myself included. Very insightful and helpful. SHE IS A CLASS ALL TO HER OWN. UNLIKE SOME OF THE FAKE ONES WE HAVE HERE IN THE UNITED STATES THAT IS NOT REALLY INTERESTED IN HELPING BUT JUST TAKING YOUR MONEY[SCAM ARTISTS]- ZAMM IS IS VERY WARM, COMPASSIONATE SPIRIT- YOU WILL KNOW RIGHT AWAY DEALING WITH HER. KUDOS to the interviewer and the interviewee!!

  23. Al Diaz says:

    I learned Tarot a loooong time ago. It fascinated me but after a while I was reluctant to keep reading it. People doesn’t understand easily the difference between a tool and the answer to all your problems. Hated that.

  24. shell flower says:

    Great interview! Tarot is awesome. I’ve been using it for my own self-awareness for twenty years. Your challenge in that line of work is intense. It’s kind of like being a teacher. You can only guide and it’s up to the person to walk the path.

    • Zamm says:

      It can be challenging sometimes when the story that I see comes across like a disappointed parent telling of a child. The challenge lies in delivering the message in more acceptable and encouraging manner, without it getting “lost in translation.”

  25. mshatch says:

    I have a deck of Tarot cards and I’ve always wanted to become more proficient in their use. I also have a bag of Runes and have occasionally consulted the IChing, which is quite interesting. very cool cousin you have!

  26. deniz says:

    That was a wonderfully detailed interview! I’ve been interested in Tarot for a while now, it’s nice to learn a bit more from a trusted source. Good luck on all your projects, Tamm!

  27. VR Barkowski says:

    Fascinating interview. I read tarot, and I collect tarot decks—some truly gorgeous art work.The protagonist in my first novel was a tarot reader and in one scene she describes how the cards work in almost the exact words Tamm does. Gave me a shiver.

    ~VR Barkowski

    • Zamm says:

      I do collect TAROT decks, too. I think I have around 60 different decks, at the moment.
      Perhaps it’s the collective consciousness? 😉

  28. What an interesting profession.

  29. This is so interesting. I know nothing about Tarot except that it exists.

    Thanks, Nutschell. Great interview.

  30. ML Swift says:

    Zamm…very nice to meet you and gain a better understanding of the Tarot. Although a Christian, my mind is very open to the possibilities of the world…to the different ways we learn to understand what God has planned for us. For those who think it’s heresy or blasphemous, I tell them to consider the Magi, who followed a star.

    I’ve gone down many paths of enlightenment in my walk. When I was about 23, I had my Indian Medicine Cards read (like tarot, but with guide animals). They weren’t wrong.

    Nutschell, what an interesting post! Thanks.

  31. What a fascinating post. I used to read Tarot cards and have my cards read regularly. I had my own set of cards that I used and I found it all very interesting. I haven’t had my cards read in a while and I just may have to have them read again. Thanks for sharing. Zamm is so interesting and I am glad she has a profession she finds happiness in!

  32. Ciara Knight says:

    Tarot cards seem to be more popular now days. I’ve seen many blog posts lately about them. This has been an informative post on them.

    • Zamm says:

      You’re absolutely right. I do believe there is an awakening in consciousness/spirituality that is happening and the growing popularity of the TAROT is just one manifestation of it.

  33. Laura Eno says:

    Thank you, Nutschell, for introducing us to Zamm! I’ve always been fascinated by Tarot but use them mostly for visual inspiration. Right now, I’m writing a story for an anthology covering the major arcana so this is timely for me. :)

    Laura Eno – A Shift in Dimensions

    • Zamm says:

      Yes, the TAROT can really be visually inspiring, not just in keeping the creative juices flowing, but every card in a deck is actually a work of art. We are lucky to be spoilt with the many beautiful TAROT decks available.

  34. What a neat profession and way to help people. I especially feel the last statement about being responsible for your own happiness is a really hard but freeing concept to accept. Great post. Thank you for sharing :)

    • Zamm says:

      Thank you!
      Being responsible for our own happiness takes practice – and we’ll never know how easy or difficult it is – until we make a habit of it. They say it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit. But first we need to define what we can do to make ourselves happy, everyday, and commit to it. If we alone cannot commit to doing this, then why and how do we expect others to do it for us?

  35. Carina Olsen says:

    Ahh, awesome post 😀 I loved reading about it all. Sigh. Thank you both so much for sharing. <3 I've never had a Tarot reading before. But I want to. Just, not here in Norway, because I think it would suck here :p lol. Still. I do enjoy it :)

    • Zamm says:

      If you know of a TAROT reader nearby where you live in Norway, just try . Otherwise, you can choose an online or phone reading.
      I have clients from as far as Sweden :)

  36. Zamm says:

    Sorry for the double and misplaced replies, there’s something funny with my PC or perhaps my browser. I’ll continue with my replies later :)
    I hope everyone’s having a great day!

  37. I’m fascinated by all forms of ‘fortune telling’, tarot especially, but I’ve never been able to find someone locally.

  38. […] Last Monday I featured an interview with beloved cousin and amazing Tarot Reader Zamm. […]

  39. Hilary says:

    Hi Nutschell .. this was so interesting and a very informative read .. loved finding out more … cheers Hilary

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