So What’s Keeping You Busy These Days?

I’ve been busy these past few months, that’s for sure.

My normal list of activities include:

–          Working a 9am -6pm job

–          Making time for family and friends

–          Running my non-profit writing group CBW-LA (

–          Fulfilling my duties for SCBWI

–          Blogging

–          Preparing for next month’s martial art belt test (going from my Brown belt)

I’m also currently preparing from my first ever speaking engagement outside of my CBWLA group. One of the writing groups in our area had heard about my Kickstarting Your Writing Career workshop last January, so they invited me to give a similar talk to their group this coming week. I love teaching so I’m really looking forward to this event.

When do I have time for writing? It’s hard, let me tell you that. But it’s definitely doable if you love it enough. I’m happy to report that I’ve been writing almost every day for the past two months.

And I’m two chapters away from finishing rewriting URTH, the novel I wrote two years ago. Wohoo! I’m hoping to finish today.

I’ll have to set it aside and let it marinade before I dive into revisions. And while I’m gaining distance from my manuscript, I’ll be catching up on critiques for my critique partners and continuing my self-publishing research/planning.

Yup, I’m one of those people who like to do a lot of research before they jump into any new venture. And since  I’ve been thinking about self-publishing, I’ve been reading up on the subject.

So far, I’ve finished the following books:

APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur by Guy Kawasaki and Scott Welch

Make a Killing on Kindle: The Guerilla Marketer’s Guide to Selling Your Ebooks on Amazon by Michael Alvear

The Complete Guide to Self Publishing by Marilyn Ross and Sue Collier

The Self-Publishing Manual Volume 1 by Dan Poynter

The Self-Publishing Manual Volume 2 by Dan Poynter

Although most of these books say the same things, each of them still have nuggets information that are unique and equally valuable. I’ve learned a lot about self-publishing, that’s for sure, but I still have at least five other books/ebooks that I plan to finish reading (because I’m a nerd). J

Well those are my updates so far. It’s a bit overwhelming when I list it all down like this, but I still do find time to sleep and watch a few favorite shows here and there.

So what about you? What have you been working oh these past few months? What’s keeping you busy these days?

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22 Responses to “So What’s Keeping You Busy These Days?”

  1. well, just make time to rest your body!!it is also important….

  2. I’m impressed you’re getting so much writing time in with all you’re doing. My list is similar to yours but with family responsibilities, like the yard right now, I’m not getting in as much writing time as I’d like.

  3. Shelly says:

    My loppity-lop schedule is flexible, at 30 hours a week. Meaning, my schedule changes week to week. I like working afternoon to evening shifts. This allows me to write in the mornings when my brain is fully awake. Although, I’m known to write at night as well, but its harder for me.

    As for my live crit group, it disbanded 3 months ago due to everyone having a personal challenge. Mine, of course, has been Sweetman’s chemo treatments.

    However, nothing can stop me from writing. I’ll be publishing three shorts by the end of summer. Been working on the formatting and the covers. I’m also pressing toward having two more novels published by December 2013.

    Have fun speaking.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. You do more in a month than most people do in a year!
    Now that the Challenge is over, I can start planning my next project, whether writing or music.

  5. Phew! I don’t even want to list mine because it might overwhelm me too much! 😛

    You do such a good job at everything that you do, so even when you feel stretched thin, no one would ever suspect it. I am so excited for your new speaking engagement! I love that news of your teaching is spreading!

  6. My list is quite tame compared to yours. Work hours are changing though, so I have no idea how it will fit with my writing. Got a novel on the go, slowly.

  7. Emilyann says:

    Wow. You have been busy. My focus has really been blogging the past couple months while I wait to receive my current novel project back from my editor. I’m desperately trying to get ahead on blogs so I can hit the ground running when I get the manuscript back.

    Thanks for sharing updates :)

  8. Hilary says:

    Hi Nutschell .. it makes me exhausted just reading what you do … I’ve been wanting to read APE though … and am so pleased URTH is taking shape – hope you finish it off today …

    Cheers Hilary

  9. tcavey says:

    You are definitely busy! Reading your to-do list helps make mine seem more manageable. Thanks and God bless!

  10. L.G.Smith says:

    You ARE busy. I don’t have any such excuse for my slow output. I write every day, but only about a page or five hundred words. I try to make every word count, though. :)

  11. M.J. Fifield says:

    Wow. I don’t know how you have any time for writing. Your time management skills are the stuff of legend.

    I just acquired a copy of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur. Looking forward to checking it out.

  12. Allison says:

    You do keep busy! I’ve got my hands full with work, reading, writing, critiquing, and gaming.

  13. Wow, Nutschell, you have a lot on your plate! How do you make time to write? I write each day at lunch, and then try to squeeze it in other places. It’s great to see how you’ve become such a big part of the writing community.

    Good luck on your belt test!

  14. You definitely sound busy, but it all sounds very positive, so yay! I don’t have a 9-6, so my business has come in the form of working at my kids’ school (volunteer), running a blog for one of my writer’s groups, a director position with one of the writer’s groups (I plan and coordinate the monthly (and additional) events), chairing a flash fiction contest for another writer’s group, planning a mini-conference for September, writing (not as much as I’d like), submitting (not nearly as much as I’d like), so on and so forth. I was relieved to finish my work with the local big writer’s conference and another writer’s group position I’d taken, and I’ll be done with the flash fiction contest as of the end of May, so that will free up some more time. Plus, the kids are out of school as of next week, so that’s even more free time, and now it’s time for fun summer stuff, which I’m looking forward to. And I’ll be pursuing my CNA!

    Boredom is overrated.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  15. Wow, you have been busy!!!
    Best of luck with your speaking engagement. Sounds exciting!

  16. Julie Luek says:

    You definitely have a lot going– good stuff to you. And yay for speaking engagements. I have one of those coming up too I need to start pulling together. Yikes, just the thought of it makes me want to pee my pants!

  17. Melissa Bradley says:

    Wow!! I’m really happy for you. I wish I could set myself down to write. I think maybe that’s why I’ve been so depressed, no creative outlet. This is all great info, thank you very much for sharing.

  18. *salutes* Living the American dream, I see. 😉

    Way to keep busy, and I know what you mean about self publishing. I attended a 8 week class at our library on the subject, IndieRecon, and a couple webinars to really get my bearings. I’m constantly digging up new articles from various up-to-date sources, and while I’ve eyed many of those books, I think the majority of the information is online. One of my friends who sold 30,000 ebooks in his first 3 months of self publishing has been chronicling his journey, and I’m excited to glean everything I can. Nothing like a current success to build a model after, eh?

  19. Tonja says:

    I hope you were able to finish your book!

  20. Cherie Reich says:

    Lots to do and so little time to do it. Good luck with everything!

  21. Nutschell, you are AMAZING!!! I don’t know how you do it either, but hooray for doing it! And I think it’s awesome that you are looking into Indie publishing. I recently took the plunge (after 22 yrs), and I tell ya, it is such a liberating feeling when you hit the approve button on Amazon. I read Dan Poynter’s book after the small publisher of our Monster Moon series suggested it. That’s when the business finally made sense to me. And last summer I discovered DD Scott at WG2EP (Writer’s Guide 2 Epub) and RG2EP (Readers Guide 2 Epub). DD’s ebook ’10 Years & 24 Hours to Indie ePubishing’ is inspiring! Hope to be reading one of your books soon! Take care! :-)

  22. deniz says:

    You sound as busy as me! Well, I guess we’re all busy :-) I never seem to have trouble making time for writing, but editing is another story… How do you stay focused and motivated while revising?

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