Kristen Kittscher’s Wig in the Window Book Launch

I’d been waiting for this book launch since I first lay my eyes on Kristen Kittscher’s manuscript 3 years ago.

Kristen and I, along with six other amazing writers, were part of Critique Group 4 at the 2010 Working Writer’s Retreat. There, we were treated to our first sighting of WIG IN THE WINDOW (back then, it was called “Young & Yang”).

CG 4 formal modified

As soon as I read the first few lines, I knew this book was going to be published. And I just love it when my predictions are right!

It was such a thrill to see Kristen in the spotlight last night, to hear her talk about her journey, and her book and thank all the people who helped get her published.

And now, I will attempt to capture, in pictures and a few words, the amazing extravaganza that was the BOOK LAUNCH for Kristen Kittscher’s WIG IN THE WINDOW.


First, there were yummy yin & yang cookies, specially made for the occasion by Kristen’s cousin, owner of Lila’s Bakery.

yinyang cookies - james mattson modified

Yin & Yang cookies, photo by James Mattson

And there were wigs all over the place.


Wig spotted in the crowd

It was standing room only by the time the event began.

standing room

Standing room only at Vroman’s

Author Kristen Kittscher nervously smiled at the audience, as the bookstore manager for Vroman’s Pasadena introduced her.



Author Kristen Kittscher being introduced


The crowd erupted with cheers when Kristen finally stepped up to make her speech.

kristen kittscher author4


Author Kristen Kittscher delivering her talk



Smiling widely the whole time, Kristen thanked the many people who have helped her in the various stages of writing, including those who helped make her launch a fun event.

kristen kittscher author1


Author Kristen Kittscher thanking everyone

She apologized to the kids in the audience for having too many adults around. She promised to try and make it a fun event, despite that.

kristen kittscher author2


Author Kristen Kittscher delivering some witty comments

After many “thank you’s”, Kristen invited several friends to help her do a fun reading of one of the scenes in the book.

wig in the window reading

Author Kristen Kittscher’s friends and family acting out a scene in WIG IN THE WINDOW

Then she showed us her book trailer.

book trailer

Audience watching Kristen’s book trailer

She also showed us an interview with two kids, who claimed to be the book’s real life counterparts of the book’s main characters Sophie and Grace.


Two kids interviewing author Kristen Kittscher

The two precocious kiddies happened to be present that night. Kristen invited them up on stage to introduce them to the crowd.

young and yang in person

The “real” Sophie and Grace

The audience got to ask Kristen questions about the book, and about writing.


Q & A With Author Kristen Kittscher

Then Kristen gave away prizes and proceeded to sign tons of books.  Some members of Critique Group 4 were present and we reunited briefly for a picture with Kristen.

critique group reunited

 A few members of WWR 2010 Critique Group 4 posing with Author Kristen Kittscher


After getting our books signed, we proceeded to play around at the photo booth nearby.

kristenkittscherbooklaunch photobooth0001 modified

Having fun at the photo booth


 The book launch was super amazing. The best part was seeing another writer friend bask in the glow of a writing dream achieved. :)

with kristen kittscher

Myself with Author Kristen Kittscher

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16 Responses to “Kristen Kittscher’s Wig in the Window Book Launch”

  1. Congratulations to Kristen. How wonderful to see a manuscript exchange partner find her way to publication!

  2. Elise Fallson says:

    Looks like an awesome day, thanks for sharing it with us Writing Nut. And congratulations Kristen! I wish you much success, and from the looks of it, you’re on the right track. (:

  3. How cool to see our original critique group 4 photo from 2010!! It was so wonderful that you and Kathy, Lynne, Lori, and Jenn were able to make it to celebrate! What a night — and I”m so glad to have this round-up of it. Yet MORE thanks to give:-)

  4. Oh wow, that looks like the most fabulously fun book launch! Congratulations to Kristen!

  5. What a happy occasion Nutschell! Kristen Kittscher has a sparkling personality.

  6. Mina B. says:

    This is very exciting. Congrats to Kristen. The book looks awesome and cookies look delish too. :)

  7. Shelly says:

    Very cool launch!

  8. Allison says:

    Sounds like a wonderful event!!

  9. What a fun event, and congrats to Kristen. The book looks great.

  10. unikorna says:

    Congrats to Kristin, the book sounds amazing, I saw on Amazon it has good rankings…Kisses and congrats.

  11. Geoff says:

    What a packed launch, well done Kristen. By the look of the book cover and the title this is going to be a best seller, kids love reading books especially since they’ve already seen all the movies by now. :)
    Now to make a movie pitch to Disney, wouldn’t that be cool.
    Blessings from South Africa.

  12. Yay to her. I must have this book!

  13. Julie Luek says:

    This post made me want to stand and cheer. I love when authors have worked hard on a book and get a chance to savor the sweet rewards of their efforts. What a celebratory night for Kristen, and what a great friend and cheerleader she has in you!

  14. Congrats to the author.

    I like both titles and those cookies look delicious.

  15. This seriously looks like it was a great event. Such a cool idea to have the scenes read aloud by her friends, and to have those kids join her. So much variety!

  16. Nas says:

    Yummy cookies!

    Congratulations to Kristen Kittscher!

    This event sounds so wonderful!

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