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I watched the season finale  last Sunday and if we didn’t have guests at home,  I probably would have burst out crying.  Why? Well, the cast was blindingly spectacular as usual (Just watching Bridget’s hair flying in her fight scenes makes me weep) and the writers of the show soaked the final episodes with suspense. (I literally held my breath during commercials). But that isn’t the reason behind my “almost-nervous-breakdown.”

The reason is that I couldn’t believe that the show was at an end. I mean, I’ve known since April that the show was getting axed (they announced it on my birthday, of all days!) but like many of the show’s fans, I refused to accept this as fact. Which is why I am calling last sunday’s episode a SEASON FINALE, and NOT the  SERIES FINALE.

Many of my favorite shows have been axed by TV networks who don’t see the value of shows which make you think, feel or otherwise engage your imagination. They would rather stand by trashy reality shows because they don’t cost much to make and they actually have wide viewership.  These networks are only contributing to the already diminishing intellectual capacity of all their viewers.  They’ll turn us all into mindless zombies if they keep on removing shows like LEGEND OF THE SEEKER.

Some people might not like the show because it hasn’t stayed true to the book series written by Terry Goodkind. Funny thing is that Terry Goodkind himself lends his support to saving the show http://www.saveourseeker.com/terrygoodkind.html . It makes sense, you see. – fans of the show sooner or later become fans of the book series and any show that makes you want to read is worth keeping around.

As a (middle grade)  fantasy writer who’s trying to break into the mainstream, it is very important me for me to be constantly reading/watching in my genre. Fantasy shows like LEGEND OF THE SEEKER not only provide me with intelligent entertainment (just figuring out the plot twists is enough to keep one’s brain active for years) , but also inspires me to create my own stories.

There are so many reasons this show is worth saving.

1. Bridget Regan’s hair (I honestly don’t know how she keeps her hair looking fabulous even after kicking a lot of ass) -along with the rest of her

2. Craig Horner’s expressive eyes and his particularly muscular frame.

3. Tabrett Bethell’s endless quips  combined with her sexy leather outfit should be enough to keep any show going.

4. Craig Parker’s drawling monologues and his biceps.

5. Bruce Spence’s witty remarks.

6. The show’s amazing special effects ( I particularly love the slow-motion technique they employ during fight scenes)

7. The ever-changing, always surprising, complex plots (I love the writers of this show, whoever they are)

8. The super supportive fans (like myself) who will follow the show wherever it goes. (I don’t care if TVland buys the show and I have to watch it at 2am).

Obviously these aren’t the only reasons behind LEGEND OF THE SEEKER’S AWESOMENESS.  But these are all I can think of for now.  (Fellow fans are free to add their own thoughts and reasons to this blog).

Just take our word for it. LEGEND OF THE SEEKER is a great, great, great show. Just listen to the Save our seeker theme song and you’ll understand why we fans would like to save this show.  I for one have joined the save our seeker campaign. http://www.saveourseeker.com/ Why? Because this show is worth it.

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3 Responses to “Legend of the Seeker – Save Our Seeker”

  1. Victor W. Fred says:

    I have always been a fan of mid-evil shows and this was a great one. Plenty of magic, wizards and such, plus great scenery. It figures that it would get canceled while crap like The Bachelor goes on and on and on and …Stop-it! The cast was great and Bridget Regan is gorgeous. I hope that the studio comes to their senses and renews this great series.

    • nutschell says:

      I agree. Bridget Regan is simply beautiful. I was so sad when they announced Legend wouldn’t be renewed. If I were a billionaire, I’d probably up and fund the show myself.

  2. Roy says:

    Please season 3 :_(

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