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Last Wednesday was the official day of the LEVEL UP BLOGFEST. When I signed up, I knew it was going to coincide with my regular Wednesday Writer’s Workspace post, but I just had to join.

So I’m posting two days late. I just couldn’t pass up this cool blogfest!

The Blogfest rules are: Share your favourite game with us! It can be a video game, a board game, a party game, a card game, a childhood playground game–you name it. Let us know how it works and why you love it.

I’m not a big gamer, but I do love games. And since I can’t decide on just one favorite game, I’ve decided to share with you one for each of my favorite categories.

Video Game: SUPER MARIO BROS. (Wii)

New-super-mario-bros-wii-super-mario-bros-32844512-1024-768 modified

I’ve always loved this game since I was a kid. Never had a console myself, but I remember playing it whenever I visited a friend’s house.

Years ago, when the Wii first came out, I was thrilled to discover that they had upgraded my beloved Super Mario Brothers game and made it even better. I love how there were so many different worlds and adventures I can go on.

I got up to World 7, I think. Perhaps one day, when I have the time, I’ll finally make it to World 9.

World_9_NSMBW modified


Party Game: WHOONU

Whoonu web

This is the game I break out when I’m meeting new folks or hanging out at home with friends. It’s an awesome and fun way to get to know people.  I always learn something new about my friends even if we’ve played the game a thousand times.


How to Play WHOONU

This game includes 300 game cards, each with a specific noun written on it. 3-6 players can play. They’re each given 4 cards to start off with, and one player is assigned to be the WHOOZIT. Everybody has to try and figure out what the Whoozit would like among the 4 cards they’re given. They place their guesses in an envelope, which they then give to the Whoozit. The Whoozit reads the cards and rates them according to what he likes most to what he likes least, assigning them a token with corresponding points (1 for least favorite and 6 for most favorite). All the players take turns being the Whoozit, and at the end of a round, the scores are tallied and the player with most points wins.


Childhood game: PATINTERO

Patintero-Kids-Play modified


Kids playing Patintero (aka Tubigan), photo by Glennkaye

Patintero is a Filipino game, and my favorite childhood game ever. It’s an exciting game that requires, speed, agility and teamwork.

I used to play this with friends and classmates on the streets or in an empty field. We needed no equipment—only something to mark our territories with, like a piece of chalk, a large rock or any object we can find nearby. Sometimes we even use water to mark the lines.


How to Play Patintero

The group is divided into two teams, with 5 players each. One team starts off as the guard team. They stand on the parallel water/chalk lines and their main goal is prevent the other team from crossing the line they guard. One other guard is assigned to a perpendicular line in the middle, allowing him/her to cross from top to bottom and tag the other team.

The runner team’s main goal is to cross all the lines from bottom to top, without getting tagged.

Here’s a video of some kids playing Patintero in school.

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10 Responses to “LEVEL UP BLOGFEST”

  1. Shelly says:

    I’m an UNO person. But my daughters loved Mario. We had a Nintendo.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. mooderino says:

    With the PS4 and XBox 720 about to be launched it will be a wonder if kids ever play outside again.


  3. Whoonu sounds fun. Never heard of it before.

  4. Lisa says:

    Never heard of patintero – looks like a great playground game!

  5. Jamie Gibbs says:

    I’ve only heard of Mario Bros WIi in that last. Patinero sounds like an awesome game!

    Thanks for taking part in the blogfest! (and thanks for letting me know that you’d post on Friday too)

    Jamie @ Mithril Wisdom

  6. Back in the old days, before computers, we had to play outside and came up with the best games. That seems like a thing of the past. I have to agree with Mooderino, I think kids play outside much less because of the digital age.

    Currently, word games are my favorite. Scrabble and Words with Friends are great!

  7. Wow, I’ve only heard of Mario Brothers. Whoonu (pun intended) there were so many games out there???

  8. Lexa Cain says:

    I used to play some card games as a child (Gin Rummy, Old Maid). Those were simpler days. Now I sometimes play computer games that strain my poor old laptop’s speed! Thanks for sharing your favorite games! :-)

  9. Never heard of Patintero, but it looks like fun. Have you played Mario Kart on Wii? My wife’s cousins had it when they came to stay with us a couple summers ago, and it was seriously addictive.

  10. Nas says:

    All these look like fantastic games! Thanks for posting and introducing me to them!

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