Muir Woods & San Francisco in a Day

I will take any opportunity to travel. It’s a great way to experience new things, and an even better way to gain new story ideas.

When my friend Joy invited me for her wedding up in San Francisco, I thought I’d take advantage of the weekend to do some sightseeing/story brainstorming.

 Saturday, September 15, 2012

The wedding took place in beautiful St. Patrick’s Church on Mission Street in San Francisco. Joy and Thom were a beautiful couple as they made their vows. Joy and I have been close friends since High School so it was a wonderful treat for me to be a witness to one of her greatest milestones in life.


Afterwards, the reception was held at the HS Lordships Restaurant in Berkeley.

(I was too busy enjoying the food and company to take pictures, unfortunately.)


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Muir Woods

Kay, (another High School friend) and her husband Jorge were such generous hosts. I had told them about a scene in my novel, which was set in a forest of Redwood trees.  So they took us to Muir Woods, a national park in the bay area which featured a redwood forest.

I’ve had to rely on pictures and my imagination to describe the setting. It was an amazing to be able to finally see a redwood tree in person.

Redwood Tree, Muir Woods 

The forest had many trails, and we chose a midsized one which we could walk in an hour.  I had fun walking through the woods and marveling at how tall they were. I could picture my “redwood scene” more clearly and could vividly imagine my characters having their adventures there.

Muir Woods Trail

I had fun catching up with friends. We talked about everything–and even exchanged a few book recommendations.

Myself, Maiko, Beth, Ed and Orion posing beneath a Redwood tree, photo by Jorge

Even three year old Ethan had tons of fun, running through the trail and enjoying the cool forest breeze.

Jorge, Kay and Ethan, distracted by something on the ground

Done with our short hike, we returned to the restaurant/gift shop by the entrance to refuel, and to buy souvenirs.

Jorge and Kay were awesome tour guides. After our morning in Muir Woods, they showed us around San Francisco, managing to show us all its best sites in half a day!

The Golden Gate Bridge seen from a lookout point


A busy San Francisco street

Jorge showed us around the Presidio, and all over San Francisco City, taking particular time to drive up and down Lombard Street  and Haight Street.

A Quick Stopover at the Palace of Fine Arts

The famous postcard row

The tour also gave me ample opportunity to play around with my camera’s settings and practice a little bit of photography.


Postcard Row, in Green

We ended the day with a delicious Mexican Seafood dinner at Playa Azul.

Seafood Mexican Appetizer Platter

My San Francisco trip was a wonderful break after the Working Writers Retreat.  I had a lot of memories– and story ideas whirling around in my head after our adventure that day.


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11 Responses to “Muir Woods & San Francisco in a Day”

  1. Everything about San Francisco makes one feel small.
    Photos are great!
    And now I’m hungry…

  2. Oh, I visited San Fran and Muir Woods a few years ago and this post brought back such great memories!! I loved everything about that trip. Your pics are fantastic. :)

  3. Senator says:

    Looks like you had a lovely time and took some great photos!

  4. Lexa Cain says:

    Thanks for sharing all those pics with us – from the wedding to the Redwoods to the gorgeous scenes in San Francisco. I’ve always wanted to go there. You made me almost feel like I was. Thanks! :-)

  5. Bish Denham says:

    San Francisco. You know, I was born there…although we left when I was still quite young. It is the only city I’d ever consider living in, except the idea of earthquakes doesn’t thrill me. :) Been to Muir Woods and many other places in the area. Love it there!

  6. Fantastic pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. I’d love to visit San Francisco one day.

  7. Leslie Rose says:

    I lived in San Francisco for a summer. Love it up there. I never go to Muir Woods. It is definitely on my “must see” list.

  8. Nas says:

    What awesome time you had in SF. I wish this post came before my recent trip. I would’ve made a list and visited all these lovely places. As it is I just saw`the Golden Gate bridge and the Busy SF street!

  9. It looks like you did almost the exact same things as we did when we visited SF! It is such a beautiful place…

  10. Susan Oloier says:

    Such beautiful photos, and I always love reading about your trips and adventures.

  11. Heather H. says:

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun! So cool how you were able to see redwoods like the kind in your novel. I can easily see how seeing that in person would help make the setting more vivid in your mind for you!

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