Paleyfest: Once Upon a Time

One of the great things about living in Los Angeles is that there are always awesome events in the area.

Paleyfest is one such event. Founded in 1984, Paleyfest connects TV show cast members and creators with their fans through their live shows.

When I heard that Paleyfest was going to feature one of my favorite TV Shows, I simply had to go. Tickets were affordable enough at $25, but I was lucky to have gotten it for cheaper when I grabbed the very last discounted ticket on

So last March 3rd I attended the Paleyfest showing for ONCE UPON A TIME. And I had a blast!


Here’s the show’s blurb from the Paleyfest site:

One of the highest-rated new dramas of the 2011–12 television season, Once Upon A Time continues to build a loyal fan base through its sophomore year. The series has been praised for its original and imaginative narrative: Hank Stuever of the Washington Post wrote that Once has “the right mix of cleverness, action and romance.” Created by Lost writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, the series creatively shuttles between the fairy tale world ruled by the Evil Queen and the quiet fictional town of Storybrooke, Maine, where classic characters residing in exile are coming to grips with who they really are “from the other side,” all because of Henry’s (aka the grandson of Snow White and Prince Charming) deep belief in their stories. Never have the icons of childhood seemed so real and complex.


The show was held at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, a mere 5 minutes away from where I work. There was already a long line of people when I arrived an hour before the show.


Inside the Saban Theater

Parking was available at a building across the street, so I went in. Unfortunately they only took cash so I had to leave the lot and find parking elsewhere. And that turned out to be a good thing as I found FREE street parking a block away.

I got my ticket from the Will Call booth and joined the 3 blocks long queue to get inside. It was half an hour before the line started moving.

I found my balcony seat and got settled in, not sure what to expect. This was the first time I’d ever even heard of Paleyfest.

The lights soon dimmed and one of Paleyfest’s directors welcomed us all and introduced us to the Once Upon a Time Executive Producers and Creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis (the guys who also created “Lost”).


Once Upon a Time Executive Producers Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis

The two show creators got us all excited when they announced that we would be watching a  yet-to-be-aired, full episode of our favorite show AND the first 15 minute sneak peak of the episode after that.

It was awesome to watch an episode before it even aired, but the real treat was watching it with a thousand other fans. It’s an experience like no other. The excitement was palpable and listening to everyone’s “oohs, aaahs and oh no’s” during key points in the episode was so much fun.

The hour flew by, and soon we were getting ready for the main event: seeing the cast members live.


 Matt Mitovich, Editor-At-Large for

Matt Mitovich, Editor-At-Large for  was the moderator for the panel. He introduced all the cast members as they went on stage one by one.


cast left side

From Left to Right: Jennifer Morrison, “Emma Swan”, Josh Dallas, “Prince Charming”/”David Nolan”, Ginnifer Goodwin, “Snow White”/”Mary Margaret Blanchard”,  Executive Producer/Creator Adam Horowitz and
Executive Producer/Creator Edward Kitsis


cast right side

From Left to Right: Lana Parrilla, “Evil Queen”/”Regina”, Robert Carlyle, “Rumplestiltskin”/”Mr. Gold”, Emilie de Ravin, “Belle” and Colin O’Donoghue, “Captain Hook”

Creators & Executive Producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis joined the panel as well. They were careful not to reveal spoilers and character arcs for upcoming episodes.

cast clapping

The cast applauding writers of the show

They did hint, however, that the show would be visiting another new realm this season: one that involves a certain Captain Hook. The creators and cast also told fans to look forward to Episode 17: Welcome to Storybrooke, as the episode will show the how the characters deal with the first week of the curse.

cast and screen

It was fun to listen to the cast members banter with each other and answer questions about the character they played; and also to listen to the creators explain the direction of the story, without giving away too much. Listening to them, I felt lucky to be privy to information that most die-hard fans would actually die for.

The moderator also asked the audience members for questions, which the cast and creators graciously answered.

audience questions

Audience members ask questions

A second after the last question was asked, the crowd surged toward the stage and began asking the cast members for autographs.



Fans ask for autographs

I was too far away to even try to get autographs, but I was still happy to have had the opportunity to attend such an amazing festival.  I left the theater with a big smile, and already planning to attend next year’s Paleyfest.


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8 Responses to “Paleyfest: Once Upon a Time”

  1. I have heard of Paleyfest. Very cool you got to attend. And see that episode. I completely understand how you felt seeing it with a large group. When I saw MST3K The Movie in the theater, it was awesome, because I was surrounded by die-hard fans of the show and we all ‘got it.’

  2. mooderino says:

    sounds great. You’re so lucky to live in the heart of the entertainment world, everything comes to you!

  3. Shelly says:

    Looks like fun. I love theater.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. Julie Luek says:

    What a fun event to be able to attend. :)

  5. What an exciting event! I had no idea that things like this even existed and loved following along with you through the experience. Thank you so much for sharing. The pictures are just awesome! :)

  6. How fun! You definitely do seem to have some wonderful opportunities for things to do around there. I’m glad you got that ticket. Even if it was far away, I still think balcony is best.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  7. Emilyann says:

    That is so exciting. I’m very jealous you got to go to this. I love Once Upon A Time. The writing is so creative. Thank you for sharing the pictures and experience :)

  8. Crix says:

    I went there too! Best experience ever! I have Ginny’s autograph, she autographed my Snow White iphone casee! And i also have Josh’s and Lana’s autographs, unfortunatelly i lost my camera there and all the pictures, but the autographs and teh exprience kind of compsesate. I was awesome and I plan to go back next year too. Didi I meantion I am from Mexico and went to LA only for this, two days trip? Loved it!

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