You’ve found a spare room in your house to use as an office.

You’ve bought a desk and chair suitable for your space.

You’ve set up your computer and printer, and other office equipment you might need.

You’ve even found a nice lamp for your desk.

Your Writing Sanctuary is ALMOST complete.

Almost? Well, yes. You’re missing one more element that’ll make your writing space truly feel YOURS: Desk accessories and Decorations.



I’ve already listed some of these items in my previous post on Office Supplies, but I’m mentioning them again, because these are supplies you’ll probably want on your desk or in your desk drawers.

A. Writing Instruments

1. Pens

2. Pencils

3. Markers

4. Highlighters

5. Colored pencils/pens

Writing instruments

B. Binding Materials

1. Paper clips

2. Stapler

3. Staple wires

4. Binder clips

5. Scotch tape

6. Glue/ Gluestick

7. Rubber bands


Binding supplies

C. Miscellaneous

1. Staple removers

2. Two-Hole punch

3. Three-hole punch

4. Scissors

5. Ruler

6. Pencil erasers

7. Correction tape

8. Mechanical Pencil lead refills

9. Sharpener

Miscellaneous office supplies



You can organize these accessories in your drawers using drawer organizers.

If your desk doesn’t have drawers, you can use desktop stations like the one below to organize your supplies.

Desk organizer, image from

Accessory trays are also useful for smaller items like paper clips, staple wires and binding clips. Cup holders are likewise available for taller items such as your writing instruments, rulers and staplers.

The wonderful thing about these accessory organizers is that you can either buy them pre-made or you can use pre-existing items around the house.

Use egg cartons and muffin pans as trays or drawer organizers. Decorate old jars, paint old cans, find a vase, mug or cup you haven’t used in ages and use these as cup holders for your pens and pencils.

Egg carton organizer from


Putting your own personal touch and flourishes in and around your work area is an important part of claiming your writing space and making it truly your own.

The more you invest in something, the more motivated you’ll be to use it. Take time to decorate your newly created writing space so that it reflects your style and personality as a writer.

If you have the time and inclination to do so, you can have fun creating your very own writing kingdom.

Decorating your writing space doesn’t have to cost money. Instead, let your creative side out and find materials around your house which you can repurpose as accessories, organizers and even furniture. 

desk organizers from old boxes/cartons, image from



Writing is a creative task, which means you’ll always be in need of inspiration. You need to surround your new writing space with things that spark your imagination or inspire you to keep on writing.

A simple way to decorate would be to simply place favorite things such as toys, trinkets or photographs around your desk or on bookshelves.

Since I love writing fantasy, I keep a lot of fantasy-based items around me as I work, such as this cute toy dragon:


Pick a theme for your writing space. Choose your décor based on your favorite writing genre. If you’re a Fantasy writer, for instance, you might spruce up your space by adding a toy wizard or knight on your desk. How about a stuffed toy dragon? Or maybe a wand you found at the flea market.

Love Steampunk? Pick out a vintage brass telescopes or compass to place on your desk or bookshelf.

Bruce Rosenbaum ModVic steampunk designs

You can also choose your theme based on a favorite book or movie.  If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll have no trouble looking for toys or decorations to put in your new writing space.

Don’t know what theme to pick? Look through the decorations you have around your house and you might begin to see a pattern. Maybe you have a lot of modern pieces or artwork  just lying around, contemporary might be your style. If you find a lot of antique pieces all over your apartment, you might begin to realize that vintage is your style.

Vintage style office, image from


You can borrow decorations you already have around the house and move it to your new writing space. You can also go to your local flea market to find some decorating inspiration—maybe a piece will call out to you.


If you can, paint your new writing space.  Use a color that will enhance your writing mood.

If you’re the type of writer who likes to listen to loud music or a TV blaring in the background, you probably need a lot of sensory input to trigger ideas and keep your mind rolling.

Brighter and warmer wall colors like yellow or light orange will help keep your mind fully awake as you write.

If you need calm and serenity when you write, go with blues or greens for your wall colors.

You can also add color to your sanctuary in other ways.  Replace that faded white curtain with a new blue one, or choose colorful decorations to spice up your work area.

Modern blue home office, image from


Hang inspiring posters, favorite artworks or photographs.  You don’t need a whole lot of frames to make your writing space more homey.  Just find the perfect one to get you in the “write” mood, and you’re set.

Use the walls to hang a cork board or white board. These are useful tools for writers. You can use them to write reminders, notes, and schedules, put up a calendar and even as a storyboard for plotting your next novel.

Chalkboard Paint may be a good alternative to a white board/bulletin board. Paint one on your office wall and put it to all sorts of creative uses.


Every writer’s work area must have at least one bookshelf.  Bookcases help keep your reference books handy.

You also need a space for your favorite books. When you’re running low on inspiration, all you need to do is pick one from your shelf and start reading.


My bookcase–full of books and small trinkets


As long as you have a sturdy desk and a comfy chair, you’re really set to go. But you’ll want some furniture to store those office supplies and other writing knick-knacks in.

You don’t have to spend money to furnish your new writing space.  You can borrow unused/underused items from around the house. There might be an extra cabinet in your living room or family room which might be better used as office storage.

You can repurpose old furniture and fix it up to match whatever décor you’ve decided to use for your writing space.  That bedroom dresser you were going to replace might just need a little face lift. You can repaint it to match your office color scheme and use it to hold paper supplies and old manuscripts.

Go through all the things in your garage or storage space, and you’re sure to find things to decorate your office with.  For example, that old hard-shell suitcase or trunk you inherited from your grandma can be used as a small table/storage for your vintage-themed office.


Vintage style office, image from


Writers are magnets for all sorts of papers and office supplies. We find paperclips on our hair, post-its on our elbows, and that missing manuscript page stuck to our shoes.

We all know how hard it is to steal time to write, and sometimes we spend precious minutes just looking for one item. To avoid these time-wasters, we should know where everything is.

How do we do that? Well, by providing a place for everything, and putting everything in its place. Organizers do exactly what their name suggests—they organize our lives.  They can also add an element of design to our writing space.

Some organizers you might consider using:

  1. Desk caddy
  2. Drawer organizer
  3. Hooks
  4. Labeled cups/jars
  5. Labeled boxes

desk caddy, image from

Again, you don’t have to spend much just to get organized. You can always go hunting in your house for items to repurpose.

Repurposed glass jars, image from

Now that you have everything you’ll ever need to begin your career as a writer, you won’t have any excuses to delay that great novel you’ve been planning to write for years.

So go on and write!



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8 Responses to “Setting Up Shop Part 7: Desk Accessories & Office Decorations”

  1. mooderino says:

    I love that vintage desk. If only I had the space (and money).

    Moody Writing

  2. The steampunk office is really cool!

  3. I love my workspace. It looks like a picture book writer lives there. :) I have a big mural of all things kiddy (that I painted) right behind my desk. I have some art projects my daughter did in there too. I recently framed a photograph of Saint Peter’s Catherdal in London during WWII…it’s inspirational for my hf mg. Your writing space has to be somewhere you love to go. We have a reall office in our house, but it is too perfect and business like for me to be inspired in it.

  4. I love all the repurposing hints and pictures! How fun. I have photos of friends and family around my office, as well as a painting a friend did. I’d like to get the posters from the musicals I’ve been to up in there some day, too, but I need frames.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  5. Allison says:

    Alas, my desk just isn’t big enough for decorations. I love your toy dragon!

  6. Nas says:

    Thanks for all these helpful links and photos. I need to do something about my space for sure!

  7. Nas says:

    Thanks for posting all these links and photos.

  8. So many great things… I love stationary…hehe

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