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This week the Spotlight was on Rysa Walker and her amazing time travel series, THE CHRONOS FILES.

If you want to know more about TIME BOUND, TIME’S ECHO & TIME’S EDGE, you can read my BOOK REVIEW HERE.

Also, check out my fun interview with author RYSA WALKER

As usual, I’m ending our Spotlight Week with a giveaway. The generous RYSA WALKER has agreed to give away the following awesome prizes:


One signed copy of TIMEBOUND


One signed copy of TIME’S EDGE

time's edge

One e-book of both books (TIMEBOUND & TIME’S EDGE)


time's edge

2 ebooks of the TIME’S ECHO novella

time's echo



To enter the contest, tell me  why you’d like to win the book

I’ll put all your names in my magical drawing box and pick the winner.

I love encouraging people to unleash their imaginative and creative sides, so the more creative your answers are, the more chances you have of winning. If your comment/answer tickles my fancy, I’ll add another slip of paper (or two) with your name on it to my drawing box.

Also, if you tweet about this giveaway, or share it on Facebook, I’ll add more 2 slips of papers with your name on it.

AND if you FOLLOW ME on Linky OR on Facebook’s networked blogs, I’ll add 6 more entries with your name into the drawing bowl.

The contest is international and will run until November 21, 2014.



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11 Responses to “Spotlight Week Giveaway: TIMEBOUND, TIME’S ECHO & TIME’S EDGE”

  1. Shelby says:

    I would love to win my own copies of these books because I’ve actually travelled to the future and read all 3 in this series, and they are FANTASTIC!

    • Rysa Walker says:

      Whew! Thanks for letting me know that about Book 3, Shelby! I’m sweating it right now with all of the different timelines, so it’s a relief to know that everything will work out. 😉

  2. Shelby says:

    I also shared on FB and Tweeted (https://twitter.com/SallyWalker637/status/529355286218174464). I’m also following your Network Blog on FB. :)

  3. Preston Leigh says:

    I would like to win because I am from the future and I know that I have already won and I know how the series ends but I someone how missed the first couple of books in my time travel and could not find a copy.

  4. Preston Leigh says:

    I believe I am following you on Facebook, not use to these outdated computers.

  5. Leah Banicki says:

    I would love to win a signed book. I read the series and I am getting my daughter in on the story. I would love to surprise her with a signed copy!

  6. Brian Curtis says:

    I caught and tried the first book because of its tie in to the Columbian Exposition and Dr H H Holmes. I thought I was in for devil and the white city but with time travel! I got so much more … Love the series so far ! And must say I love how so connected to her fans Rysa Walker is. I got a response to a tweet coincidentally about an autographed copy in a matter of hours… Very cool. Looking forward to the novella and part 3 which I predict will see Saul reversing the timeline himself because the whole thing was a sick joke ! That would be a bit too Dallas … But if it’s true I am on record with the guess!

  7. Erin Hughes says:

    I would love to win your books because my dad is too cheap to buy them on his Kindle and they will be given to him! I absolutely love your work and tell everyone I can to read your books!

    I’m also a fan of your site on Facebook and I’m going to forward this on as well!

  8. Mandy P. says:

    I absolutely loved Timebound and Time’s Echo. I got Time’s Edge for my birthday but have not read it yet in this timeline and I cannot wait! I am from the distant past and the books were brought to me from the future by my great grandfather (whom I did not know he was at the time), he also gave my his chronos key after it was accidentally found out that I had the time travel gene.

    I follow you on the Facebook’s networked blogs and tweeted the giveaway.

  9. Bri wignall says:

    i would love to win because as each grain of sand passes through the hourglass, my time-travel-loving heart breaks, for I am not reading these lovely books.

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