Struck! Jennifer Bosworth’s Book Launch

Last May 12th (Saturday), I had the great pleasure of attending yet another amazing book launch.

Debut YA Author Jennifer Bosworth celebrated the release of STRUCK, her first YA Dystopian novel. To celebrate, she invited about a hundred folks to the Last Bookstore in downtown L.A.

Jennifer was radiant as she stepped onto the podium to introduce herself and talk a little bit about how STRUCK came about.

Author Jennifer Bosworth, photo by Lena

She spoke of her journey to publication, and all the pitfalls she encountered before Struck was born. The audience laughed when she related the story of how her first novel was an 800 page epic fantasy where she put every single story idea she had. (I’m sure all writers can relate to this)

YA Author Jennifer Bosworth at the Last Bookstore in downtown L.A.

After her talk, Jennifer read from her book. We were surprised to discover that the scene, which was somewhere in the middle of the story, had originally been her Chapter One.

The biggest treat of the book launch was watching Jennifer’s book trailer, along with her comments and a scene from the book played out by some wonderful young actors.

The trailer was cinematic and so brilliantly made (thanks to Jennifer’s husband film maker Ryan).  I loved it so much I wished it was a real, full length movie instead of a book trailer.

Jennifer came back on the podium after the trailer and answered questions from the audience. She ended her talk by thanking everyone who made the book possible–her final (and most heartwarming) thank you went out to her husband.

After giving Jennifer a well-deserved round of applause, we all filed toward the back of the bookstore to get our books signed.

Author Jennifer Bosworth signing STRUCK, photo by Maiko

When I first met Jennifer at the SCBWI-L.A. Westside Schmooze , STRUCK had just been picked up by a publisher and was scheduled for release. As I stood there waiting for my turn to get the book signed, I was amazed at how quickly the time flew–and now I was holding an actual copy of her book in my hands. It’s always a great feeling to witness the success of writer friends.

Jennifer gave us attendees some awesome treats. Aside from some free drinks, she also gave out some N’ice cream, with some custom STRUCK flavors. We got to pick whether we were Followers or Seekers.

Struck N’ice Cream flavors, photo by Lena

Finally it was my turn to get my book signed. I congratulated Jenn on her book birthday and told her how awesome her book launch was.

With Author Jennifer Bosworth, photo by Maiko

She thanked me and my friends Lena and Maiko for attending the launch, and I moved ahead to let the people behind me get their books signed.

Maiko, Lena and I picked our ice cream and listened to the band Jennifer had asked to come play at her launch. We  listened to their emergency songs (songs for before, during and after a quake!) while we enjoyed our ice cream.

It was an amazing book launch, and I had fun seeing another writer friend see success and enjoy the fruits of her labor.

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10 Responses to “Struck! Jennifer Bosworth’s Book Launch”

  1. Ate Zamm says:

    Congratulations to your friend.
    I can see your own book launch in a not so distant future, I hope you see it too – as clearly as I do :)

  2. Hilary says:

    Hi Nutschell – as you say great video .. while the book sounds ‘interesting’ … and didn’t Jennifer and hubby put on a good show for you .. book signing with drinks (coke and coffees I guess) and N’ice creams .. sounds lots of fun –

    Cheers Hilary

  3. Honey says:

    What a great idea to do a movie trailer for the book! Looks like a great start for her book.

  4. mooderino says:

    Sounds like she put on a bit of a show for her launch. Very cool.


  5. Arlee Bird says:

    This sounds like an excellent and very successful book launch. The book trailer is quite impressive.

    We need your feedback!
    Blogging from A to Z

  6. Trisha says:

    Wow! It sounds like an awesome event :) And her book sounds very cool…gonna have to add it to my TBR!

  7. Simon Kewin says:

    Sounds great – a really professional launch.

  8. RaeLynn Fry says:

    Oh. Wow. That book looks AMAZING! And the trailer! The best I’ve seen. Gave me chills. :)

  9. Akoss says:

    Aww!!! You’re so LUCKY!!!
    But I’m super glad you took the time to blog about it and share it with us :)

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