A Weekend of Organizing and Some Writing Updates

I usually schedule my posts ahead of time, but l spent most of last week trying to trim the mounds of paperwork and doing month end reports. And this past weekend, I was possessed by an organizing spirit who demanded that that I get to work on updating and organizing the home office.  So I went out to buy a bookcase and an office drawer.

And I learned several things. First never buy furniture when the weather is wonky. It was gloomy when I drove to Ikea and when I came out the earlier drizzle had become a torrent. It felt like someone was throwing down buckets of water as I loaded the furniture into my car. I could barely see anything while I was driving home!

The afternoon was another matter. As I set to work assembling the bookcase and the drawer, the sun broke out, pretending like the earlier storm had not happened at all. Figures. After all the back-breaking assembly, I realized that I picked the wrong office cabinet.

galant 4 drawers


Four drawers looks like a lot of storage, but the drawers are too shallow for folders

The drawers  were way too shallow for files and I had ended up halving my office storage instead of doubling it. So the next day, I hired some movers to lug the assembled and very heavy drawers down the stairs and back to Ikea. They waited until I got the replacement and helped me bring the new purchase back up to the office.

As soon as they left, I went to work assembling the new cabinet. I thought it would take me a shorter amount of time to assemble it, since the parts were similar the one I had assembled yesterday. But I was wrong. It took me longer this time, since I had to drive back to Ikea to replace some parts ,and my body was already so sore from yesterday’s efforts that I was slower than ever trying to piece everything together.

galant filing cabinet

Same brand, different model: Filing cabinets have much more space–and this one was cheaper, too

After 3 and a half hours, I finally finished assembling the filing cabinet and went out putting everything in its place.

And I’m still not done. Which is why you won’t see pictures yet. :)

Once I’m done with everything, I promise I’ll share pictures so you can get ideas for your own home office organizations.

In the meantime, I thought I’d like to share some writing updates.

I finished the current draft for my middle grade novel last Friday! Yay!

Knowing my critique partner Cassie was waiting for my daily chapters really helped me finish on time.

Next up on my list? Rewrites/edits for my YA novel.

And to help me with this new goal, my other critique partners (Jenn, Amanda and Tiffani) and I have started our own version of nano—in which we all try to get some writing done everyday, and update each other via emails on our progress.

It’s amazing how much writing you can get done with the support of amazing writing buddies. Do you have writing buddies, too?   

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5 Responses to “A Weekend of Organizing and Some Writing Updates”

  1. Sorry you came home with the wrong one. Nothing is more irritating than having to go back to a store to return and replace something.
    Look forward to photos of your new office.
    And I have a lot of awesome writing buddies!

  2. Hi, Nutschell,

    I’m green with envy over that cabinet. I have paper everywhere!
    Good progress on your writing.Hope you can keep up the momentum.

  3. Hey, so sorry about the file cabinet glitch, but it seems like you’re managing it very well. Will enjoy seeing your finished and well-organized office space.

    I could do a private nano. That sounds very motivating.

  4. Hilary says:

    Hi Nutschell .. what a pain – but at least you got it sorted out …

    I have paper everywhere and need to do a sort out in the next few days … and so well done on all you do and then your writing too …

    Cheers Hilary

  5. Tonja says:

    I think I’ll send you an ‘as is’ picture of my desk just so you feel better about yours. Amid the piles of paper and notebooks, I can see a copy of Toni Morrison’s ‘Home’; the collected works of Edgar Allan Poe; a book on coal towns in Wise County, Virginia; my journal (which I have been looking for); the audio for Rosetta Stone, possibly Spanish; lots of headphones (which I never ever use); spiral bound drafts of 2 out of 3 of my WIPS (no idea where #3 is); a paper plate (which I sincerely hope doesn’t have food on it); and a birthday card with a unicorn vomiting up a rainbow. It’s ridiculous (except for the unicorn) and I am choosing to ignore for now. It’s going to need to be an all or nothing cleanup. For the record, the rest of my house is reasonably clean.

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