The Best and Worst Remakes Blogfest

Welcome to the Best and Worst Remakes Blogfest, hosted by amazing ninja bloggers Alex CavanaughStephen Tremp, Livia Peterson, and Al Diaz.

There’s only one rule to this blogfest:

List the best (movie) remake you’ve ever seen and the worst.

Here are my choices:


Batman movies have been remade several times, but my all time favorite version would have to be The Dark Knight.


dark-knight-poster-1 modified




I haven’t watched too many of the originals to know if the remakes were bad, so I had a hard time thinking about the worst remake.Here’s what I came up with:




It’s not that I thought the movie was bad. I actually love Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. I picked this simply because I liked the original better.

Thanks for hosting this fun blogfest, Alex, Stephen, Livia and Al!

See what movies other bloggers picked for their best and worst:



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49 Responses to “The Best and Worst Remakes Blogfest”

  1. Cheree says:

    I have to agree with Batman. I absolutely love the latest trilogy and think that’s the best Batman (even superhero) movie remake out there.

  2. If I’d thought of those ones, they would have been on my list, in particular Karate Kid.

  3. Shelly says:

    Hey, I have to agree with you. I liked the old Karate Kid, too. And Dark Knight was excellent.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. Nolan’s Batman movies were far superior!
    Thanks for participating in our blogfest.

  5. Lexa Cain says:

    You’re right, even though I adore Jackie Chan, that was the only movie he made that was awful. Great picks and fun post! :-)

  6. I don’t care who you are, you can’t top the original karate kid!

  7. Tyrean says:

    That sums up my thoughts on the second Karate Kid too. I really like Jackie Chan, and I thought Jaden Smith did a pretty good job . . . I just like the first one better.

  8. I agree with both your choices. I enjoyed Michael Keaton’s Batman, but Bale’s just rocked it.

  9. Arlee Bird says:

    I’ve liked all of the Nolan “Batman” movies. I can’t recall ever seeing any of The Karate Kid movies. Maybe the first one, but that would have been many years ago.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  10. Cherie Reich says:

    Yes, I definitely love the new Batman movies much more than the original ones. I haven’t seen the new Karate Kid, but I really enjoyed the old version.

  11. LOVE The Dark Knight. Great choice!

  12. I agree with the Karate Kid. Why bother remaking that one? The original was awesome….

  13. Suze says:

    The original Karate Kid was suuuuch a good movie. :)

  14. LD Masterson says:

    The original Karate Kid had heart. Somewhere through all the sequels and remakes, I think that got lost.

  15. I’ve only seen bits of the new Karate Kid and it was horrible! Have a lovely weekend.

  16. Rachel Schieffelbein says:

    I have to admit I haven’t seen any of these! But I’ll take your word for it. :)

  17. I really wanted to see Dark Knight but I live in Denver, and after the Aurora shooting during the showing, I just couldn’t bring myself to see it in a theater — to sad. But I’ll definitely catch it soon on DVD.

  18. Jaybird says:

    Great choices. The Karate Kid just fell flat on so many levels. And although I love Jackie Chan, even he couldn’t sell it to me.

  19. Mark says:

    Ugh, so glad I didn’t see the Karate Kid remake. I wasn’t a huge fan of the original, but I can appreciate why people like it so much.

    Totally with you on Batman, though….Nolan can do no wrong in my eyes :)

  20. Haven’t seen any of these movies, but you’re not the first person to cite a Batman remake as a fave!

  21. Good choice on Karate Kid.

    I’m not fond of Christian Bale so he kind of killed Batman for me. Then again, I’m a product of Michael Keaton as Batman. :)


  22. I’m with you one these two. The new ‘Batman’ series is pretty good and the new ‘Karate Kid is definitely not.

  23. Pat Hatt says:

    Yeah Batman were wonderful movies, The Karate Kid can’t be beat, they never should have remade it.

  24. Samantha says:

    I have not seen the last of The Dark Knight trilogy, but I so enjoyed the other two! I haven’t seen either Karate Kid so I cannot judge there 😀

    Great picks!

  25. Al Diaz says:

    I thought Jackie Chan’s Karate Kid would have been better as an original movie instead of a remake. Or at least they should have changed the title, at least. Someone pointed out it was silly it was called Karate Kid and the kid was learning Kung Fu. It kind of made a lot of sense to me. Thanks for participating! :)

  26. I agree the original was more charming and meaningful.

    And Dark night was pretty amazing…

    Have a great weekend Nutshell.

  27. I’m a batman fan too. I agree with you that Karate Kid, the remake was not as good as the original. (But it wasn’t the worst remake ever.)

  28. I never thought of “Batman Begins” add a remake, but it’s a cool choice Nutschell!

  29. Donna Hole says:

    Yeah; The Dark Knight ranks as on of the best Bat Man Movies. But, Like the Spiderman remakes, I’m getting tired of them.


  30. ML Swift says:

    I agree with both of your choices, Nutschell!

  31. Trisha says:

    I was tempted to put up a list of “originals I loved and so am reluctant to see the remakes”, in which case I would have included Karate Kid 😉 But as I haven’t seen the remake, I couldn’t include it anywhere!

    I love The Dark Knight, but again I haven’t seen the original. Bummer!

  32. There has been lots of votes for The Karate Kid as the worst remake, in this hop.
    I sat up and watched The Black Knight Rises, during the week for the second time and enjoyed every minute!

  33. Rhonda @Laugh Quotes says:

    I never saw any Batman and I am glad to have missed the remake of Karate Kid.

  34. mooderino says:

    That new Karate Kid was terrible. I wonder what they called it when they released it in China…


  35. Agreed! Nolan’s Batman trilogy was SO much better than any of its predecessors.

  36. Julie Luek says:

    All these “best and worst of” lists make me realize how few movies I watch! It’s been interesting seeing what people pick and why.

  37. I haven’t seen any older Batman movies, but I really enjoyed The Dark Knight.

  38. Carol Riggs says:

    I LOVE the Dark Knight Batman series!! Christian Bale is a great Batman. I’m old enough that I used to see the show on TV, not just the movies! LOL Every time Batman would punch someone, there’d be words nearby saying “POW!” and “BIF!” haha

  39. Susan Gourley says:

    I do agree with your best pick, obviously, but I never saw the newest Karate Kid. I wasn’t a big fan of the original.

  40. My only objection to the Karate Kid remake was that it wasn’t all karate, per say. But it’s a brand name.

    Just a heads up, you got a mention in my latest blog post.

  41. I’ve not seen the Karate Kid remake but I really enjoyed the new Batman movies.

  42. I thought about putting Karate Kid as my worst remake but I never saw the remake. I wish I had put The Dark Knight. I want to watch it now.

  43. The concept behind the remake of Karate Kid was nice, but it fell very flat.

  44. Ciara Knight says:

    I never did watch the remake of the Karate Kid.

  45. Nas says:

    Good choices! And I agree!

  46. Michael Pierce says:

    The new Batman movies are instant classics! I didn’t see the remake of The Karate Kid, but it looked pretty bad…and I usually like Jackie Chan.

  47. Michelle Gregory says:

    The Dark Knight was the only one in the series i didn’t watch. my kids alluded to what the Joker was like, and i like Heath Ledger so much that i couldn’t watch him be a villain.

  48. Hi Nutschell!
    I hope you are well! I haven’t been to your place for ages…..
    I’m movie-challenged, which means that I can count the number of movies I’ve seen, on two hands. LOL.
    I THINK that I saw the original version of Karate Kid… or maybe I’m mixing it up with something else… :)

  49. The Dark Knight movies really are some of the greatest remakes Nutschell. Batman has been can’t, silly, dark and eclectic, Nolan made them realistic. That’s not easy to do.

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