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The internet is a wonderful tool for writers. With a few clicks of the mouse, we have instant access to information which can help us in all stages of our writing process.

I’ve come across several amazing websites, blogs and online articles which have helped me to no end as I wrote my novels.

In these pages, I’ve compiled a list of these helpful links.

I’ve divided them into four tabs:

1. Archetypes

Caroline Myss’s study on archetypes has inspired me to write several posts which fellow writers might find useful.

2. For Fantasy/ Sci Fi Writers

This page contains links to various websites which might prove useful for fellow fantasy and sci fi writers.

Here you’ll find character name generators, various articles on world-building, mapping your fantasy world,  making up your own language,  writing fight scenes and the craft of fantasy/sci fi writing.

You’ll also find links to medieval history, weapons, mythical creatures, gods, monsters,  and other magical elements such as gemstones, runes, symbols, sigils, etc.

3.  For Writers in General

This page contains links to various websites that all writers might find useful. You’ll find:

Articles on the Elements of Novel Writing: character, dialogue, plot, setting, theme, style

Articles on the Different Writing Processes: developing story ideas, writing, revising, editing, querying

Articles on the Craft of Writing: the art of description, voice, style, grammar

4. Writing Contests, Conferences & Conventions

*I am constantly building this resource library, so if you can suggest any other links I might have missed, please feel free to leave a comment on the specific page/ pages.

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