For Fantasy Writers


Choosing Names for your Characters

Baby Names Country

Baby Name Box: Fantasy, Folklore & Fairy Names

Baby Names & Meanings

Behind the Name: The Etymology & History of First Names

English Baby Girl Names

1000 Most Common Female/ Male Names

Historical Name Generator

Medieval Name Archive

Ever Changing Book of Names

Fantasy Name Generator

Names to Run Away From Really Fast

Orc & Goblin Name Generator

Serendipity’s People & Place Name Generator

Seventh Sanctum Name Generator

The Elvish Name Generator

The Fairy Name Generator

The Name Generator

The Pagan Name Generator

Twin Names for Twins

Making Up Your Own Language

The Language Construction Kit

Holly Lisle’s Create A Language Clinic

How to Create A Language

Elven Phrases

Chris Pound’s Language Machines

Mapping Your Fantasy World

How to Draw Original Fantasy Maps for your Fiction

How to Draw Original Fantasy Maps for Your Fiction – Video

Fantasy Map-maker

Cartographer’s Guild

The Map Room

Mapmaker Plus

Fantasy Mapmaking 101

Mapmaking for Fantasy Writers

Ye Old Mapmaker

Autorealm Mapmaker

How to Read a Topographic Map


Creating a Fantasy Realm

Educated World Building Guide

Fantasy World Building Questions

How to Create Fantasy Worlds

World Builder Projects

Fantasy Religion Design Guide

World Building for Fantasy and Science Fiction

Organic World Building by Robert A. Sloan

Creating Fantasy & Science Fiction Worlds by Michael Lijenberg

Believable World Building by Tracy Falbe

World Building & Research by David B. Coe

Magical World Builder’s Guide by Stephanie Cottrell Bryant

World Building Essentials by Rhonda Leigh Jones

Writing the Fantasy Novel

Archetypes in Fantasy Writing by Marilyn Peake

Creating Believable Magic by Tina Morgan

Creating a Realistic Fantasy World by Penny Ehrenkranz

Elfwood Fantasy Tutorials

Fantasy Fiction Factor

How to Write a Fantasy Novel

Science Fiction & Fantasy Tips/ Links by

Suspending Disbelief by Vicki Hinze

Uncle Orson’s Writing Class

What’s the Magic Word: Defining the Sources, Effects & Costs of Magic by Lital Talmor

Writing Fight Scenes

Creating Fight Scenes and Battles by Marilyn Byerly

Author’s Roundtable – Writing Fight Scenes by David Wood

The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts


Arms, Armor, Weapons

Blade List

Arms & Armor

How to Write a Big Battle Scene for your Fantasy Novel

Middle Ages Weapons

Medieval Weapons

Steven Till – the Medieval Sword

Medieval History

Angel Fire’s Writers’ Resources – Historical Research and More

Middle Ages – Medieval Resources


Medieval Houses


Medieval Society

Middle Ages

Parchment, Medieval Manuscript Manual

Early Drawing and the Written Word | Pen and Parchment: Drawing in the Middle Ages

Leaves of Gold – How Manuscripts Were Made

Food During the Medieval Times

Medieval Times Food – Simplicity, Availability Dictated Diet

Ancient Food and Medieval Food – History for Kids!

Trade and Travel in the Middle Ages

Life in the Middle Ages

Medieval Demographics Made Easy

Medieval Sourcebook: Introduction

The Numberless Hordes: Keeping Your Fantasy Armies a Little Less Fantastic by John Savage

Food Timeline


Amulets & Talismans


What is a Talisman

What is the Meaning of the Talisman

Definition of Talisman with Example to Make

Hagstone 3 by ~raven-spirit on deviantART

The Magical Properties of Holey Stones: Discovering the Mystical Powers of the Holey Stone |


Fairy & Other Spirits

Gemstones – Gemstone Properties

Gemstone Meanings by

Gemstone Meanings by

Crystal Healing by

Gemstones & Crystal Meanings by Emily Gems

Gods & Mythology

Encyclopedia Mythica

Theoi Greek Mythology List of Gods


The Hypertext List of Spells

Magic is Afoot…

Come Walk With a Shaman – A Shaman’s Journey

Making Magic Work: Spells, Gemstones, Crystals, Symbols from Amerindea

Dr. Maya Sutton on Druid Magic

Druid Magic Lecture

Mythical Creatures

Mythical Creatures & Beasts

Realistic Horse Travel in Fantasy Novels Monster Index

D20 System Monster Index

Monstropedia Encylopedia

Nature Spirits

Elemental Correspondences

Natural Magick Shop Elemental Correspondences

The Mystica.Com Elementals Elements & Elementals

Coven of Cythrawl Devas, Elementals & Nature Spirits

Gnomes & Fairies.Com

Wicca Course: Nature Spirits

Sacred Texts: The Elements & Their Inhabitants

The Library of Knowledge: The Four Great Powers

The Lords of the Outer Spaces

Lords of the Watchtower

Elemental Correspondences: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit

Lady Gryphon’s Mythical Realm – Mythical Creatures – Myth and Legend – Mythical Beasts

Dave’s Mythical Creatures

List of legendary creatures – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia List of Magical Creatures


Runes, Alphabet of Mystery


Sigil Magic

Sigil magic. Making a magical sigil

Smuggling Sigils Across: Sigil Magic for the Professional Magician | Spiral Nature

The Elemental Sigils By The Spiritborn

Truth About Sigils

Sigil (magic) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Religious Symbols

Simple Symbol Meaning by What’s Your Sign.Com

Dictionary of Symbolisms


Fantasy Books

The Recommended Fantasy Authors List

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Bookstores

1000 Novels Everyone Must Read: Sci Fi/ Fantasy

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database

Del Rey Books

Tor Books

Ebook Heaven

SF & Fantasy Books Online


Stacy Whitman’s Grimoire

The Top 20 Greatest Fantasy Writers of All Time

Charlotte’s Library: Fantasy & Sci Fi for Children & Teenagers

Cynthia Leitich Smith’s Children’s & YA Fantasy Novels

Wands & Worlds: Fantasy & Science Fiction for Children & Teens

Fantasy Book Critic.Com

Mary Ann Mohanraj Recommended Children’s SF/Fantasy

The 100 Best Fantasy Books by

Best Fantasy Series by

Top 10 Fantasy Worlds in Literature

List of Fantasy Worlds

NPR’S Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books


Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America

The Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers

The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society

Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society

Urban Fantasy Writers

Sci Fi & Fantasy Conventions

World Fantasy Convention

Sci Fi Conventions

Fanboy’s Convention List

Wikipedia’s Fantasy Conventions List

Comic Con


World Science Fiction Society Convention/ Worldcon











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