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  1. Hi! Sorry about the alias… my name is a secret. :) I really love this page/website, and I’m glad I found it! I, too, am a writing maniac, but I’m not done with any books yet. I’m just sharpening my skills, and I LOVE your fantasy tips and sources. I thoroughly enjoy writing fantasy due to the leeway it grants, and the way I can get away with writing almost anything as long as I have a reason why it COULD work. I’m just testing the waters, though. I don’t know what I’m good at, so I try everything.
    Anyway, I really hope that you get this page done soon, because I’m going to be checking out this site a LOT. It’s an answer to my prayers; I find a site that offers everything I want. What isn’t to love about this? 😀
    Thank you for making this wonderful place!

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