Writing Tools

Every craftsman needs his tools in order to create his masterpiece.

Writing is a craft and as such, every writer needs his own set of instruments to begin the arduous task of putting to paper what only exists in his mind.

I started out thinking that the only thing I would ever need to begin my career as a novelist is some paper, a few pens and my own creative imagination (and yes, my writing muse).

It wasn’t too long before I realized that being an obsessive-compulsive, way too organized freak was going to get in the way of actually writing. I needed to have the tools of my trade before I could even get my ideas down on paper.  More than that, once I actually started writing,  I got distracted with other things–like looking for supplies and various objects which would help me write better.

So, in the following pages,  I will attempt to list down all the tools/instruments/gadgets which may make my fellow writers’ lives’ more comfortable.  Half of the tools listed here  are important to a writer. The other half might be completely unnecessary to most writers–but I will list them down anyway because I think they’re cool.

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