Spotlight Week Giveaway Winner & Writing Updates

It’s the last week of June, y’all! Which means a few more days and half the year is already gone. Geez! Time’s been flying at the speed of light lately.

Before I share my writing updates with you, I’d like to announce the winner of this month’s Spotlight Week Giveaway. This month, I’m giving away a SIGNED copy of Pamela Jaye Smith & Reece Michaelson’s THE JOURNALS OF PETRA VOLARE VOL. 1: FROM THE SHADOWS.

Petra Volare Scroll 1 book

Congratulations, CARINA OLSEN!

I’ll email you the instructions for claiming your prize soon.



And now for my writing updates.

I finished the latest draft for my MG novel URTH during the first week of June.  I spent the second week re-reading each chapter and making notes for the next rewrite. I also started reading another book on the craft of writing: Million Dollar Outlines by David Farland. Unfortunately, I have yet to finish it.

Last week (3rd week of June, in case you’re wondering), I spent most (if not all) my time preparing for and the CBWLA Writing Day Anthology Workshop, which was held last Saturday, June 22nd. The workshop went well, and I’m already starting preparations for the first ever CBWLA Anthology, which is set to be published in September.

I’ll be spending the rest of this week and the next month working on my (hopefully) final rewrites for my MG novel. I’m hoping to tighten up the storylines further and make sure I get the plot, and other story details right.

And of course, after that—there’s still more work to be done. A YA novel to rewrite and query, other novels to plot and write, preparations for self-publishing my MG series and so on.

Writing is an endless process, it seems.

So what are your writing updates? Working on revisions? Editing? Writing a new draft?

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33 Responses to “Spotlight Week Giveaway Winner & Writing Updates”

  1. Congratulations on finishing another draft! Your calendar sounds a lot like mine, read, revise, repeat. Writing does feel like an endless process.

  2. M.J. Fifield says:

    That’s great news about the finished draft. I would love to be able to say I’ve done that. I’m slowly chipping away at it, though, one sentence at a time.

  3. Congrats to Carina …

    Sounds like you had a VERY productive month… GOOD FOR YOU!

    Good luck with your final edits and with the anthology… Lots of exciting things are happening for you this summer!

  4. Whew! You made me tired just reading all that you’ve been up to. I need to borrow some of your vitamins! Here’s to getting those edits done.

  5. LD Masterson says:

    Wow, you have been productive. I got tires just reading this post.

  6. Shelly says:

    Working on revisions for Killer Stilettos.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  7. You are a writing machine! That’s cool you guys are going to do an anthology.

  8. tcavey says:

    congrats to the winner!

    You are busy, busy, busy, it motivates me to do more. Thank you.

    Last week I sent out a batch of query letters as I continue to do edits.

  9. Congrats Carina, and I’ll bet it feels good to be done with that Medeia. I’m not a writer, so I guess I’m still in the planning stage. :)

  10. Jeff Hargett says:

    You’ve been on the busy side of things, it seems. Congrats on the accomplishments!

  11. mooderino says:

    You’re making me feel like I need to up my productivity. To the computer!

  12. Donna Hole says:

    Good luck with the rewrites :)


  13. Julie Luek says:

    Congratulations to Reese!

    I always have about 3-4 writing craft books “in progress”, not quite finished. Bigger ambitions that my time allows. Sounds like you are keeping busy and making steady progress– GO YOU!!

  14. Carina Olsen says:

    Thank you so so so much. <3 Cannot wait to get it 😀 *So excited* :)
    Good luck on the writing and such 😉

  15. You are one busy woman! It’s good to be busy though–constantly stretching and growing, eh? Best of luck with your rewrites!

    I’m 55K into my WIP, and catching sight of the end. (Only about another 25 to 35K away.) So far, the stuff I’ve read back over doesn’t make me cringe either. (Too badly.) That’s always good, eh?

  16. Congrats on completing the MG!

    I’m querying a MG, have a YA with a final reader, and just finished another MG.

    Good luck!

  17. Robyn Engel says:

    Congrats on finishing a draft. That’s huge! It’s my goal to get there, and I’m plugging away very slowly. I finished a sex scene last week, which I was very nervous about writing – the first time I wrote one. I feel good about it. Its neither pornographic nor abbreviated. Haven’t done much writing since.

    Be well, Nutschell.

  18. Meradeth says:

    Sounds like you’ve been really busy! Congrats on your drafts, and best of luck with revisions!!

  19. Jemi Fraser says:

    June is pure chaos for me so I haven’t got much done recently – rewriting a few chapters and thinking through the rewrite of another story. July is going to be very busy for me writing -wise – yay!

  20. Lexa Cain says:

    Your WIP progress is very good, and don’t be disappointed you haven’t finished the outline book yet. It’s great that you’ve found a helpful book. You’ll finish it soon and hopefully learn a lot from it. :-)

  21. You’re making good progress. Mine has been slow, but it’s picking up a bit of speed now.

  22. Mary Pax says:

    Woot on the next phase of your novel! I’m a sick individual, so I’m working on two novels and a handful of short stories. Mostly I’m working in the new Backworlds in the morning and short stories in the afternoon. If I’m quick about Backworlds then I’ll work on the other novel for the rest of the morning.

  23. Stephen Tremp says:

    Good luck with URTH. I think I”ll be working on a WIP of one sort or another for the rest of my life.

  24. Nas says:

    Yay! On your progress! Sounds really good. I have two different genres to edit so constantly switching between teh two is…well, interesting!

  25. Wendy says:

    Crikey, that’s some schedule!

    I’m currently working on the second book in a series I’ve been working on for the past six years.

    Don’t forget to breath!

  26. Cherie Reich says:

    Congrats to Carina!

    Good luck with the rewriting and everything else you have going on! :)

  27. I feel your pain. I wanted to be finished my first draft before the kids are out for the summer. Not only did that not happen, their summer started early because of the floods in Calgary. 😛

  28. Pat Hatt says:

    Congrats on the win from your bin!

  29. I’m drafting and finally loving it! I don’t know why, but the beginning was super hard. I’m hitting my stride though.

    Congrats to the winner!

  30. Tonja says:

    You are busy! I’m starting to get back in the writing groove after taking off for too many weeks.

  31. Wanda says:

    It’s hard to believe that half of the year is almost gone but it sounds like you’re making great progress.

  32. Hi, Nutschell,

    By the sound of things, you’re making good progress with your books. Hope you continue to move at a reasonable pace. Looking forward to your MG novel.

  33. Congrats on your prgress with your MG novel, along with everything else you’re doing.

    Congrats too to Carina

    How do we slow this year down? If you find out, please let me know!

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